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Thread: New England Circle Track SE-R

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2012-07-03 17:43:07
New England Circle Track SE-R
Hey guys new to the board. Had the car for a few years now and race all around New England at local asphalt circle tracks. Refresh is needed soon I have started reading the forums looking into a VE swap. Figured I should join and share.
2012-07-03 18:22:39
Love it!
2012-07-03 21:48:55
thats awesome, what are the specs?
2012-07-04 14:26:51
where are you racin?? CT/MA?
2012-07-04 20:20:51
very nice
2012-07-04 22:48:28
awesome, what class do you run?? local track here wont let you do engine swap unless it is OEM to that specific car/year/model

what tracks do you run mostly? it must be a pretty competitive car.
2012-07-04 23:10:31
He must be from NH those guys take the circle track thing seriously.
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2012-07-04 23:51:24
This is a first!!! Very cool car!
2012-07-05 15:56:30
Thanks for the comments.
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2012-07-05 16:18:21
My local tracks up here in NH are Lee, Star & Hudson but I currently run a tour that travels around New England. Last week we were in Thompson and this Saturday we are at Loudon on a mini oval they make in turns 1&2 of the big track.

The car is going on 6 years of being raced and has been on its roof and on fire. The current SR20 in it has 4 years of racing and revving 7800rpm and it still purring. Stock internals with JWT cams & computer, ebay header & cai, lightweight flywheel, straight pipe w/ no cat, welded differential.

Been reading into the world of VVL swaps and seems like it is the next fun step to take to mix it up a bit. Emissions are not an issue where it is not a street car so that helps.

Have a couple questions that maybe someone here can help with.

- The only thing that has me a little hesitant is how reliable the DE has been and whether the VE can handle the same amount of constant rpm's. Are there any known common problems or reasons that this is a bad idea.

- As far as ECU's, should I get something that can be tuned. I see that Calum that most use is no longer available but are there any other options or recommendations. How hard is the tuning process? I am very electronic savvy but have just never dove into this world.

- Are there any recommended places to buy the VE. I see most or located in Jersey but are there any New England sources I should know about?

Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks again and hope to be providing updates.
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