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Thread: Who saw me this morning?

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2012-06-11 19:23:58
Who saw me this morning?
Who was that in the van from SC? I barely could hear shit in my loud ass sentra. I would of dropped it down but trying to be gentle on her while i'm breaking it in.
2012-06-13 03:33:11
that was me lol. i got all excited when i saw ur car. it looks good. i was wondering y you driving slow. i was in my girls mom van. went for a mini vacay to georgetown ny.
2012-06-13 03:34:11
i was asking you if your Bes from sr20 forum but u couldnt hear me..but i was hearing you lol
2012-06-14 00:20:20
Lol at first I thought you were cursing at me hahaha. The thing is obnoxious inside especially with it being gutted lol. I wanted to drop it down to 2nd but she was running lean WOT and I figured I take it easy for a little bit. Thanks though bro. Next time I will let it flex lol
2012-06-14 03:08:32
i was just glad to see a b13 in what felt like the middle of nowhere lol
2012-06-14 20:55:18
Lol the cars come out of the sticks on Friday nights hahaha. It was crazy having someone recognize an se-r. Everyone else looks at me like I am sick in the head lol
2012-06-14 20:57:53
cause you are fool
2012-06-14 21:03:08
Na not this guy. Once its fully gutted then yes, lol. Gotta get these doors gutted. Find a girl to bring you to etown on Wednesday so if I come down we can load the street wheels in her car and bolt on the slicks/skinnies!
2012-06-14 21:07:11
if i saw a red b13 with a marsh tuned sticker on the back window i'd pit maneuver the fool!

hehe just kiddin! i like seein other forum members i haven't met before though, always fun.
2012-06-14 21:07:34
i leave them in the lot people know not to touch my shit or they get a breaker bar to the dome
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