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2012-05-16 23:48:00
5/22 Chriscar edit - Link to Northeast Caravan Map

Okay, so what's the situation with the caravan, folks?

Can I get an estimated departure time out of you cats, so I can plan my route to intersect with yours? I don't know who all is coming from my area, but this will allow me to start a thread in Mid-A to get folks coordinated.
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2012-05-16 23:52:04
-EDIT- We're heading out of Long Island at 5am to beat the traffic.

Rob & I will be leaving from 11735 @ 9:30am, Thursday. Any earlier, and we have to deal with legendary NYC bound traffic, unless we're on the road at 6am.

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2012-05-17 00:54:45
So approximately 5 hours to where 99 and 80 intersect in PA?

That puts you in that area around 2:30PM give or take (depending on your cruising altitude, etc.)

2012-05-17 02:55:17
Try to make it for dinner and BEER at 5:00 PM guys
2012-05-17 14:14:29
I'm on the road at 9am, so i might be able to make dinner and beer
2012-05-17 14:22:17
Originally Posted by Re-spect
I'm on the road at 9am, so i might be able to make dinner and beer
Where are you leaving from, and what crossing are you taking out of NY? Maybe Rob and I can start a little earlier and hook up with you.

2012-05-17 14:31:19
dam i am leaving friday morning
2012-05-17 14:45:43
we'll be there just in time for friday 3am brake pad replacements in the hotel parking lot.
2012-05-18 00:06:09
Me and the crew are leaving early Friday like real early so we get there at a reasonable time and try to beat some traffic
2012-05-18 00:10:50
Ur a day late
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