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Thread: local fiber glss repair

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2012-03-01 02:50:40
local fiber glss repair
[HTML][/HTML]so i have had this cf hood on my b13 for about 6 yrs now. Its finally to the point where it needs to be refinished. For the price i paid, brand new, i got my money worth. But i guess the company is closed now and that sucks because they were local. To the point at hand, does anyone do repairs to cf hoods thats local? Lmk, i might just end up painting it while it get the car painted. Only the clear coat is faded in some spots, but when i throw some wax on that, im live...
2012-03-01 03:39:12
Wet sand the hood then reclear it will look brand new 1500-3000 grit sandpaper
2012-03-01 16:13:44
Yes wet sand the hood and have a body shop re clear it.
2012-03-02 07:05:08
kk.... well that seems to be most people's response. So im gonna go ahead and try my luck. gonna go get some of the sand paper you guys recommended. Thanx guys.
2012-03-02 07:57:11
and a sanding block. if you sand it with the paper in your hand it will leave high and low spots
2012-03-02 13:59:21
just take a grinder to it, shit will be sick...LOL...i would just drop it off at a body shop and let them do it all, they are going to tell you that you didn't do it correctly and they have to spend more time on it to correct what you did wrong, all body shops are that way...you can take a car from one shop to another and they will tell you that the previous shop did this and that wrong just to get more $$$ from you(happens with any type of work)
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