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Thread: New haven PD

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2012-01-13 01:30:42
...sorry ... Houston still has you trumped as far as police officers go...Ask a LEO anything... I have met this guy too, bad ass.

17 pages!!!

ASK A LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) - Houston-Imports.com
2012-01-13 01:40:39
That's badass! Lol
2012-01-13 02:27:40
i got pulled over once in far rockaway ny with my 94 ser...the officer wanted to know if it was a real ser and if that was the original paint. He compliment me on the condition of the car. I had vvl with loud exhaust but he didnt notice that lol.
2012-01-13 03:39:52
should of took him for a ride
2012-01-13 03:56:22
That's pretty crazy.
2012-01-13 07:08:01
lucky ass!!damm n i bet if u drove a honda u woulda got a fat ass ticket!!!lol a month ago my friend and i raced from a stoplight in the middle of town(worst idea ever) i was going about 80 and he was going 65 wen we see cop coming on the other lane,he does a u turn and pulls him over and writes him a 500 $ ticket!!!i love driving my b14,im invinsible for cops,all they see is hondas,well at least in my town!!!lol
2012-01-13 07:30:10
I got pulled over on Christmas eve, gave me a warning for too loud exhaust...he was nice about it. Cant wait for the sr20 in there...lol
2012-01-13 13:47:34
I should have Alex, lol that's awesome yeah some cops are cool as fuck we just think there all assholes because they catch us doin dumb shit but I swear I'll take this one to the grave best moment in 2012 so far!!

Get a vibrant sounds great looks invisible to a cops eye all black oval muffler and performs excellent!!
2012-01-13 17:03:05
LMAO thats fantastic!! You would of been hit if you had a slammed civic hatch with beat up gsr's and gold tow hooks!! lol
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2012-01-13 17:27:30
Lmfao yeah tell me about!! That's all you see around new haven
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