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Thread: Wtf: is going on

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2012-01-04 22:56:02
Wtf: is going on
I've been seen alot more post and alot more Nissan on craiglist is this really what we coming to all local guys sellin there cars!!

Oh well, my bitch runnin and she is running strong I would never sell her after all she has put me trew!!

But if theres anything popping other than the new haven county hit me up 203-710-9293 "mike" trying to hit the local scene heavy this year.

So if your selling your whip because of personal or financial issues disregard this post but every one else I will be running just about everything this year no if and butts
2012-01-04 23:05:08
You know my b13 is just doing pushups for a couple months. Coming to terrorize the K boys.
2012-01-04 23:30:51

is how my car makes me feel sometimes
2012-01-04 23:42:04
these cars suck

but im in hibernation for the winter
2012-01-05 00:02:48
Originally Posted by morgans432
these cars suck

but im in hibernation for the winter

maybe im just salty now.....if this was summer i probably wouldnt be hating this shit
2012-01-05 00:37:47
I think we are all in the same boat
2012-01-05 00:43:02
got my brother doing a winter project so that will be fun to actually do a slow build and have fun again.

We all cant get away from these cars no matter what
2012-01-05 00:56:56
at the end of the day these cars suck.

but if you like em, you stick with them, or cant get rid of em and you stuck with them.

one or the other.

2012-01-05 01:28:47
all of you pleassseeeee stfu!
2012-01-05 01:42:48
You prolly saw my add on craigies, I have been through a lot with the car as most of you guys with yours. But since I got married in july I havnt been out one night with it to play, all I do is haul ass to work and back. And I just keep wanting to put more money into it.. I have been thinking about starting a small side buisness in addition to my full time job. For this I would need a full size truck, then once I save up enough cash we want to buy land and build a house. I would have zero time for the car anymore. Its sad but that's life.

I do plan on building another bike if it sells, I neeeed something to tinker on and its smaller and cheaper to do
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