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Thread: Need help, will pay and supply beer..! Eastern CT.

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2011-08-22 18:58:43
Do you have a main ground going from the block to the chassis? I once put my battery in the trunk and got rid of the ground above the thermostat housing to the chassis and the car wouldn't start. I went threw everything until I did that ground and the car fired right up. Hope that helps bro.
2011-08-22 19:32:22
i hate electrical issues, what part of ct u in, ill come down and shoot the shit for a bit and pound some beers and try to help u figure this out this weekend, lmk
2011-08-22 20:53:46
Yeah, I have that ground hooked up and added a 2nd going to a different spot on the chassis. I added a ground from the intake manifold to the firewall, I have the grounds coming out of the harness grounded to IM, front right ground to block, and I checked the ecu casing and it is grounded. I also have the battery in the back hooked up and my jump pack hooked up in the engine bay... still no fire. Oh and my o2 plug and ignitor thingy plug is in the right spots...

Ok, so the fuse box on the driverside front corner, I pull the 25a fuse labeld ENGINE CONT. (Brown fuse) I should have power on one terminal and not the other, but I have power at both! The inner terminal is dimmer but still has power, this is with the fuse out btw.. now go run out and check your car and let me know what the dealio is peeps!

Quiker reply the better, need wheels to get my ass to work at 5am tomorrow morning!
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2011-08-22 20:59:48
Originally Posted by liljay781
i hate electrical issues, what part of ct u in, ill come down and shoot the shit for a bit and pound some beers and try to help u figure this out this weekend, lmk

Def sounds good, im hoping to have it running by then but at this rate idk... im in Norwich CT, ill let you know how I make out... well just keep an eye on this thread and you will know. Lol
2011-08-22 21:08:06
Ok I found my multi meter, now what/how do I test... hit me up if you know more than me about this shiz, 860-949-7074
2011-08-22 21:27:58
Plug to distributer, key on, orange wire blue strip has 12.05v. Solid yellow wire and solid blue wire diagnal from each other have 5.10v. And the 4th wire is black or a dark purple can't tell, that's ground..

Ignitor plug, key on, white wire has 12.07v. Middle black shows ground. And green with yellow stripe shows 12.21v.

Coil plug, key on, green with yellow strip shows ground. Other wire shows 12.21v.

These were taken with plugs unpluged fron units..
2011-08-22 21:48:09

a few pics to maybe help a lil...idk
2011-08-22 22:16:54

I just happen to look down the steering column and I see wire taps...pull off the plastic cover and see 3 taps and 2 wires dangling and arked out when the touched the metal frame of the dash...ugh WTF!!!!
2011-08-22 23:33:04
so i dont think these T's on the column have anything to do with it not starting. looks like left overs from a security system.

so... after cranking and cranking, tinkering and messing with things i noticed the "ignitor chip'' and the coil were wicked hot... dont know what that means but they were hot. and with the key on the top of the coil reads battery voltage...

wtf ya guys think?? im stumped, cleaned grounds, added ground, moved grounds around... only thing i found wierd was that fuse where both terminals were hot without the fuse in the socket.. maybe somethings backfeeding somewhere..

anyways, thanks for the input and look forward to hearing some more of your thoughts.
2011-08-23 00:32:07
if u changed everything in the engine bay. u may want to look into the wiring harness under the dash. especially since you seen those wires all hacked up.
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