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Thread: 2012 Tsuru =)

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2011-04-16 21:48:09
Originally Posted by tsuruser
/\ I'm sure there is a plenty of tsuruGSR's rust free floating around down there !There all taxi cabs and cop cars ! lol
Heck I remeber seeing tons of sunny supper saloons down in jamica wish we could get those shipped over ! funny thing is most of them where white anyone know why that is ?

White is the best color
2011-04-17 03:08:55
Originally Posted by nismo
I would like to get a used 2door for cheap and put all my stuff on it how much do you think a used 2door farly new one tho.

They were made for four years only, just like here in the states but instead of 91-94, they were made 93-96!

Also, a 2000GSR cost more than an SE-R, eventho the SE-R had a few extras the 2000GSR didnt have like bumper lights, sunroofs, & few others I forgot to mention cause ive been drinking MDM Corona Familiar all day long, lol!
2011-05-05 14:54:21
Originally Posted by Jimithin7000
You guys are thinking about it the wrong way... I don't see any 2012 cars in this thread. I only see a 1991-1994 Sentra 4 door.

EXACTLY! thats how my buddy imported and registered his skyline. SEND IT! it also helped that he put the inspection sticker on it
2011-05-05 14:59:45
Woah, may want to edit and keep that info to yourself...
2011-05-05 15:00:56
If they only made an Se-r!
2011-05-06 03:09:16
Originally Posted by xnissan240x
If they only made an Se-r!

Yeah, too bad the SE-R never made it to MX!
2011-05-09 01:36:00
2011-05-09 05:30:22
local rental companies here buy them all they time, they dont last long, rarely ever see one pass 2 years without some sort of rust on it
2011-05-22 03:46:52
ME WANT !!! lmao
2011-05-22 13:43:28
Sooo, how can I legally get onw? I really want one. Wouldn't mind dropping in my VE-T in there.

946Kg for the lightest model, 987kg for the optioned version.
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