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Thread: b14 beam bending party, anyone?

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2010-07-08 03:45:10
b14 beam bending party, anyone?
anyone interested in getting their rear beam bent?

awesome mod for b14s to make them handle better!

just gauging some interest..LMK!

1. justin2386
2. brictop

(copy and past with your name and i will re-edit this to put your name in)
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2010-07-08 07:29:35
I was looking to do one of these parties years ago when I owned a B14. We had a few people interested...but no one serious. If you can make this happen in the north east I will give you your props. It will be tough.
2010-07-09 00:20:12
I would be down if you could make it happen.
2010-07-09 03:04:51
just tell me when
2010-07-09 03:30:33
how much would it be?
2010-07-09 03:37:54
Who is doing it? Have they done it before?

Where will it be done at?

And most importantly, how much?
2010-07-09 12:44:40
please let me know as well. I am very interested
2010-07-09 13:05:43
Originally Posted by Old
It is an awesome mod, but it does cost. There is a shop in southern CA that does this. On the east coast, we get at least 6 guys together and fly Steve Foltz out from Colorado for a day with his fixture. I do not know if he is still doing this. A couple of years ago, it cost each of us around $200 to make this happen. Steve wants the money up front to be sure that he does not lose out. Search around for his contact and PM him. Then try to get 6 people to put up the money.
The beam ends up with a gentle curve in it that is easily seen when looking at it from the brake disc end.

this is what i was thinkin about doing..

i am going to edit the first post and start a list of interested people..
2010-07-09 13:29:43
Originally Posted by Viprdude
Who is doing it? Have they done it before?

Where will it be done at?

And most importantly, how much?

Only person I know of is Steve Foltz. He's done 2 beam bending parties in the past and is the man to go to for this mod. Unless someone else already knows how to do it. I know for a fact that Steve was willing to sell what he already knows to someone who is willing to keep this mod going.

The place that it needs to be done will need to have a flat surface and most importantly but not required, a lift.

Expect to pay somewhere in the $200's, I know I did for Steve's travel/shipping expense. You will need to pay all this upfront to not waste Steve's time. Knowing how busy Steve is nowadays, don't think he's looking to do another beam event. More than likely you will need to travel to Colorado to get it done.
2010-07-09 13:40:17
id be willing to do it and have access to a lift to do so..anyone have any of steves contact info?
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