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Thread: b14 beam bending party, anyone?

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2010-07-10 15:51:51
Originally Posted by Cliff
Better do a few guinnea pig chassis before announcing that. There's a reason only two people in the country do this...

Main reason being no one really truly cares about our cars to do this.

Just like how Honda parts are dirt cheap and Nissan parts are not always so.

Like how Honda ECU's have a huge range of tunability because everyone has something to tune a Honda with compared to us having, now, Nistune, and that seems to be it.

Process is not hard, no one has time to fuck around with our cars because A.) Not alot of people drive our cars and love our cars as much as we do and B.) They can't make as much money off of this process since hardly anyone drives our cars and enjoys them enough to get rid of that toe-in. Since demand and money are two of the largest drives for a business idea or proposition, here we are with our dicks in our hands.

Really not because it is so difficult to do. Just be careful, slow and steady wins the beam to zero degrees.

P.S. Hey, you sold your bitch booster! Let's put a beam on your new Subie and bend it!
2010-07-11 05:47:10
Why are there 2 similar posts for this running at the same time?

2010-07-11 11:13:28
that post i was asking if anyone had it done or if they know who does it..they said that steve foltz guy..and they said that i would need to get a group interested..so i started this thread in the regions section to rally up some interest in the area
2010-07-12 01:16:43
I guess that makes sense. Good luck.
2010-07-13 13:19:08
I'm in, if you get Steve to do it. Anyone else, not so much.
2010-12-30 17:37:43
anyone still interested?
2010-12-30 17:53:11
I'm in for after Jan of next year...........

Hmmm, does anyone remember a ballpark figure to get this done?? Also, I think we need "atleast" 6 people........
2010-12-30 18:31:56
if only this was for the southeast i would be down in a heartbeat
2010-12-30 18:34:43
If you make it happen up here in the NE. I'd jump in! You're only a few hours from me.
2010-12-31 02:00:48
i think its somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-ish?
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