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Thread: Getting EGT Reading

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2016-11-10 21:18:08
yeah that's what I thought but I'm not getting any changing value from the IAT and it's enabled on egt. Like I said its a cal ecu and threw a code for the egt sensor when I deleted all the egr stuff when it was stock. I'm using the IAT sensor off an early 90s Oldsmobile similar to the one shown on nismotronic.com. I'll grab a picture of it when I get home. it tested good with a multimeter, I assume i should be getting some kinda changing values. I'll get a couple pics of the process so you can see what I'm doing
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2016-11-11 04:55:38
Here are the pictures as promised. You can see the sensor i'm using. Its not the thread in kind but it should work just the same and it is a GM IAT sensor. You can see I have the wires directly into the EGT plug on my harness. Finally you can see Nismotronic has the Sensor enabled at that source and theres no value changing. It always just stays 69, soon as i connect the Logger until I shut down the program. I even blew hot air at the sensor and nothing changes at all.

2016-11-11 14:13:25
Bad sensor? Did you check continuity while changing the temp?
2016-11-11 14:15:41
Getting EGT Reading
Originally Posted by calvin269
Bad sensor? Did you check continuity while changing the temp?

yep, testing it was the first thing I did, I even have a couple spares I tested with the same result. Sensors are good
2016-11-11 14:16:43
Did the resistance change?
2016-11-11 14:17:26
Getting EGT Reading
Originally Posted by calvin269
Did the resistance change?

2016-11-11 14:21:05
If, you disconnect the sensor what happens to the temp reading?
2016-11-11 14:22:57
I'll double check when I return home but I believe nothing. Just stays at 69
2016-11-11 14:26:09
If, it stays the same, check the wires at the ecu, to make sure there is no brake in the wire.
2016-11-11 14:29:57
I'll have to double check that I suppose, you recall which pin? I mean I got a CEL the minute I deleted the egr and unplugged my egt sensor and took it to John to have nemu installed so as much as that's possible, seems unlikely....unless he pulled it out when he was removing the consult pins but I'll talked to him about this since and I don't see why he would have lol
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