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Thread: Ecu not enriching during throttle accelleration

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2016-07-15 03:58:15
Ecu not enriching during throttle accelleration
Is there something I need to do to the tab or table. My ecu is not enriching when I floor the throttle. It only enrich when it is in the enriching area like on boost. When take off from stop , when I floor it , it will run lean until it hit 1psi.
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2016-07-16 00:45:43
@Kyle who to @somebody... @zeneffect may know
2016-07-16 03:02:40
2016-07-17 14:09:24
Accel enrichment looks normal to me, although it may need some tuning. There are no examples of flooring the throttle in the log. John would have a much better evaluation than I.
2016-07-17 19:41:22
I assume your not using closed loop?

You will need to add more fuel to the map then..

Accel only lasts for a second or two BTW..

Whats your setup?
2016-07-18 17:03:01
I don't see RPM past 3k anywhere in the logs. and low maf load + rpm looks very untuned.
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