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Thread: pop and bang overrun on nismotronic?

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2016-06-01 21:19:08
pop and bang overrun on nismotronic?
Does nismotronic has DECEL timing map? where you can retired the timing? SO it will do pop and bang for turbos?
2016-06-01 21:27:54
2016-06-01 21:46:49
Assuming you are looking to "pop and bang" during decel this info may help you.

Nismotronic has whats called TPS closed timing table's. To find it you navigate like so, Idle tab > Idle > Ignition

You will then see the check box to enable TPS closed timing table. This should be enabled. You can modify ignition vs rpm up to 3,000 RPM here. Anything out of that range, I would assume would be handled by the primary ignition map.

Are you using a MAP or MAF as your primary load source? If it happens to be a MAP you can easily achieve the "banging and popping" during decel though the standard fuel and ignition maps. If it is a MAF, and you are not using your other secondary load source, you could set your car up to idle and decel using the MAP sensor.
2016-06-10 02:55:49
NismoTronicSA Help - ACCEL/DECEL Tab

You can retard the timing using the retard parameter in this link.
2016-07-21 13:24:46
I'm assuming these setting are used to achieve the effect that is seen on gear change with a car like the A45 AMG?
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