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Thread: nismotronic ecu

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2016-01-25 16:49:43
nismotronic ecu
hey john

I have an issue with my nismotronic ecu

it isn't grounding out my eccs relay @ pin #4 and isn't turning on my injectors through the ground side

this ecu is in a 96 200sx which is a work in progress.
2016-01-25 17:39:45
From my experiences, it is rarely the NEMU that has an issue. Most likely you have an issue with the ECU.

Has it worked before?
Is the NEMU board seated properly on the 40-pin?
Have you done any changes with the wiring lately?
Do you have another ECU to test with?
2016-01-25 23:48:12
1. first time trying to get it to start
2.inside the ecu?
3.making the harness(had to manually ground the eccs relay to the chassis to get the ecu to power up)
2016-01-25 23:52:13
i have the starter powered up, i have the injectors connected, have the start signal pinned and the distributor wired

im using junction blocks for power and ground

top is injectors, middle is eccs relay and bottom is ground
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2016-01-28 19:37:07
Hmm, so if you manually jump it, can you then connect to the ECU and/or start the car?
2016-01-28 22:16:14
I can connect to the ecu and I have live data, but no spark or fuel. It cranks
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2016-01-29 06:40:09
What if you manually ground the relay, will it start?
2016-01-29 15:15:37
No sir.

i used this to pin my distributor

1 - Ground
2 - Power - ECCS Relay
3 - Cam position sensor #3 (pins 41/45 used a butt connector. crimped one side then soldered and crimped where it splits)(position)
4 - Cam position sensor #4 (pins 40/44 used a butt connector, crimped one side then soldered and crimped where it splits)(reference)
5 - Distributor resistor/ IGN Check (pin 2)
6 - IGN Switch (pin 38)
7 - Ground
8 - Distributor Power/ IGN Signal (pin 1)

on the nemu i have an ign on indicator light which does not illuminate on my laptop
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2016-01-29 21:14:03
Originally Posted by naturaLeza
on the nemu i have an ign on indicator light which does not illuminate on my laptop

The IGN ON indicator light is simply to tell you if the ignition is turned to the on position .. so it sounds like the ECU isn't getting proper power on all the main Ignition/Power supply pins.

You can check the log item list reference here.

logitems [NismoTronic Wiki]
2016-02-02 04:00:31
even tho i dont have my ign light on the ecu should ground out my eccs relay right
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