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Thread: sr20det redtop rwd wiring for map

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2016-01-13 19:46:45
sr20det redtop rwd wiring for map
Hello there i just made my car working and i want to share with you the wiring options for the sr20det
i didn't take any photographs but its really straight forward and easy

cut the 7,14,15 pins about 10cm from the ecu harness

here is the links that are u going to need
also u need 10m cables 1mm of red blue and black (10m of each)

to make this easy for you
red is going to be power
black sensor ground
and blue the signal

SR20det Wiring Diagram ECU pin out colors

redtopecupinout1.jpg Photo by kidnrg | Photobucket

first thing remove the harness from the ecu

for the boost controller if you have boost controller

cut the 102 cable far away from the ecu and connect it to the black cable extension until it reaches to the solenoid
and the other to the 47 pin DONT cut it shaved it add a red cable and extend it to the other cable of the solenoid
this is done for the boost contol

next thing is the IAT (Intake Air Temperature)
Cut the 26 pin and connect it to the red cable and extend it until it reaches the iat sensor
then go to 29 sensor ground DONT cut it shave the cable and add the black cable until it reach the sensor your are done with the sensor unit

next thing its the external board from the nismotronic that requires 12v
go to 38 pin DONT cut it shave it and connect a red cable to the board 12v
then add a black at the ground possition and wire it to the chassis you are done with wirring the board

for the map you will need 3 cables 1 sensor ground 5v input and input sensor
go to the adc0 and screw the blue cable .then to the sensor ground near adc3 add the black cable, and last the red cable at the 5vout from the nismotronic board reach your map sensor and you are done.

for the switches is very simple buy 2 switches
cut the 41 from the ecu connect to the 1 plug of the switch the other plug of switch just ground it to the chassis
also do the same at 46 pin

and this is all about
Last edited by Monder on 2016-01-14 at 01-38-04.
2016-01-14 14:38:09
Yep, I ran mines the same way.. Works like a charm!
2016-01-14 15:53:40
yes its good. i had some problems with mine ecu but now its all ok
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