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Thread: Anti- Lag setup

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2014-12-10 15:19:52
Pulsar bottom end with a SR16VE head and cams. @trinibuilt
2014-12-10 20:54:23
nice just did the same thing but with a sr20 ve head
2014-12-10 21:00:04
@kevwal why the 16 head vs. the 20 head? any advantages aside from the cams ofcourse?
2014-12-11 04:23:50
@200sx Se The heads are the same. I wanted to use the SR16ve cams so I got the complete motor from the start.
2014-12-11 16:41:27
still waiting on the video also lol @kevwal
2014-12-15 13:42:43

No flames, but it builds boost! It was a whole different car to launch with 7 psi!

Settings (very mild)
Launch control rpm: 3000
Anti lag rpm: 2800
Fuel factor: 1.4
Timing retard: 35 (in timing settings, maximum allowed -16)
2014-12-15 14:02:11
Launch Control RPM: 4500
Anti-lag RPM: 4300
Fuel Comp: 1.4
Timing Retard: 40
Max Retard: 0

Video "Haloed" for anonimity

2014-12-15 15:18:28
Impressive Boostle!

So the key to flames is higher rpms? Good to know
2014-12-15 15:21:12
I think there is a little more to it (like more unbunt fuel for example and in this instance, having a (unbeknownst to me at the time) hallowed out cat. I think this is the time when the catalyst actually got destroyed without me even realizing it...........).

However to note: the setting in the video built less boost than the recommended setting by John. This only built around 10psi, where the setting John propsed built 15+ psi. The settings will be adjusted in the future to limit the boost being built as @ 15+ psi, I will just blow off the 275mm NT01s on there now unfortunately unless the clutch is slipped properly (but the slippage helds keep the drivetrain and rear end together however).

Ask @JKTUNING for more info on more "flames"
Last edited by Boostlee on 2014-12-15 at 15-26-49.
2015-04-30 18:50:46
I got question about settings in Ignition Tab ! If i setup Ign max retard to like 20 degree then the antilag working great , build high boost like i need 21psi . But also when i drive on load in gear its not reatarding ignition when i need it like on full boost i need 5 degree retard but its holding this 20 degree.
When the ign max retard set is 0 then all is fine but in antilag function not building high boost only 10 psi because retard is limited to 0 degree .
What i can do to build more boost with antilag but also need to ignition retarding functions properly and retards my ignition on full boost just it set up in igntion map ?
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