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Thread: Possible bad ecu?

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2014-08-08 20:34:39
Possible bad ecu?
Hello all, I purchased a nismotronic chipped ecu recently from John and was having some issues. The ecu is just a basic one with a standard ve tune running ve maf. I finished my swap into my b13 se-r and it won't start with the nismotronic ecu. For some reason the fans come on but it'll just crank and not start. However, when I install the stock de ecu it fires right up. Is this a sign of a bad ecu or am I doing something wrong with it? Ive tried searching but.can't find anything. I really need to get this car going for my daily. Thanks for the help.
2014-08-08 23:55:59
Did you order it with a base file on the board? If it hasnt been registered and a base file flashed on then it will be in limp mode with fans running.
2014-08-09 00:07:56
Yea, I ordered it ready to go and direct drop in as I'm new to the tuning part of this. That's why I went with this base ecu setup. So it was supposed to have the base file with the ve tune on it.
2014-08-09 02:42:04
check to make sure the chips are sat properly

also try to reset the ecu.
2014-08-09 04:55:06
Ok I'll check that. How would I go about resetting it and would it loose it's program?
2014-08-09 16:54:46
no the chips will only lose their data in 1 of 2 ways. #1 an electric current is applied to the appropriate pins and the data is erased through software, or the chips are exposed to a ridiculous amount of UV light since they dont have windows built in.
2014-08-09 20:10:15
Thank you guys, I pushed the board in tighter and it started up. I appreciate everyones help immensely!
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