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Thread: MAP Sensor Install for Logging Purposes

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2014-01-22 02:20:56
Any 12v will do, but I try to stay away from stuff thats already handling alot like heater, headlights, ignition ect..

For testing purposes you could run a wire straight from the battery but id atleast have a switch involved. .
2014-01-22 14:31:46
Honestly, the best place to get 12V power for the ADC box is the switched 12v ignition at the ECU.
2014-01-22 21:26:46
I pulled my 12v from ECU Pin 47 as you suggested...
2014-01-22 21:33:20
did you test to check if it was getting the 12v tho?

john when i was on the phone with him he wasnt getting 5v out of the breakout even with 12v hooked up to it.
2014-01-22 21:45:43
No, I wasn't which may be the issue..

I think everything is fine with the exception of not having a 12v signal!
2014-01-22 21:58:21
Well like I said u can use a wire from the bat with a switch maybe an a fuse for safety, run that to the 12v in to the breakout then test the 5v out port on the breakout to see if its actually putting out 5v.
2014-01-22 22:13:59
I'm thinking if I go that route, a fuse should suffice, just not sure how large of a fuse I would or would not need!
2014-01-22 22:22:06
5 or 10
2014-02-04 02:53:35
Lynch Is there a reason why you dont use the ground provided in the break out box.
2014-02-04 05:10:42
Ya, i fried the dog shit outta one a while back.. total operator error.. however I really like sticking with factory ground spots or near them if I can an its 1 less wire to the breakout..
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