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Thread: Final Ignition Value

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2014-01-02 18:07:09
Here's a perfect example of how John used the logging and table tracing features to diagnose an isolating idle issue caused by a battery voltage stability issue and how it effects large injectors: NismoTronicSA: Idle Tuning Overview - YouTube

2014-01-06 22:47:54
sorry to bump this again, been busy the last few days. I completely understand that in order to get the car tuned right i need to know a LOT of other factors.. so I'll say this again: I am leaving the tuning to a professional. - i never plan on learning how to tune. I don't have the patience for it.

I was simply trying to set the timing, and only set the timing. The instructions for finding the Final Ignition Value led me to the original question in this thread... which seems to completely miss many of you in your responses. All I wanted to do was figure out where this Final Ignition Value was in the GUI. If the instructions had read something more like my suggestions B-D instead of the original - A; this thread never would have been created.

Original A) "Observe your Final Ignition Value in the data screen" - taken from actual document

Technical Writing Opinion #1 - The term: "Data Screen" should be capitalized. The fact that it was not made it appear to be a generic term for the entire Nismotronic GUI.

Technical Writing Opinion #2 - The word: "Value" should not be capitalized, as it made it seem like a key word to search for when i was scanning the entire GUI, instead of just the actual Data Screen

- when coupled together, both of these capitalization issues caused enough confusion for me to create this thread.... and boy did i never see this back and forth stuff coming over a simple question.

Suggestion B) "Go to "Logging" -> "Data Screen" and search for the "Final IGN" field. There you will find the value for the Final Ignition" - extremely clear

Suggestion C) "Observe your Final IGN value in the Data Screen" - This is not as clear as Suggestion B, but still would have been better, IMO

Suggestion D) "Observe your Final Ignition value in the Data Screen" - least clear of my suggestions, but still marginally better than original document, IMO.

If the writers of the document can't see that this small tweak (either B, C or D) could reduce confusion in the future and prevent them from being called or emailed.. then I don't know what to say.

I do know that I will not speak badly of JK Tuning. John has been VERY helpful with me, even 2 years after i purchased the product. I am very pleased with his service, the product itself and the free upgrades that keep coming. I'm just making a simple point and you guys keep telling me to read more documentation on tuning.. I would kindly like to reiterate that I don't think that would have helped this situation because I was just trying to set my timing and drive on until I am ready to have the car tuned by a professional. Hopefully i will have the time to take it to Connecticut this spring for springs/retainers, cams, cam gears and a tune... @MarshTuning

Yes my suggestions are nit picky, but I think they would truly help us 10 percenters who have never logged into an ECU before. I got defensive when I received so much crap. As far as knowing the formula for Final Ignition.. What percentage of the general population knows that?? Heck, what percentage of the people on this forum know that? And why would i even research how to calculate it when the directions tell me (semi-clearly) how to find it in the GUI?

let it go matt, let it go.... :numbness:
Last edited by vqman on 2014-01-06 at 22-49-08.
2014-01-06 22:55:40
I know I ignored your question man, but I saw you were just tryin to set the timing so thats why I tried to explained how to do that.
2014-01-07 01:40:56
I just still can't believe that after all those attempts that pointed you in the right direction that you still missed it .. even after a phone call

I will revise some of the help files to make it more clear to others, but honestly when working with a software like this it inevitably going to have a learning curve. Don't expect to open up the software without prior knowledge of tuning (or at the very least exploring the software and help videos), and expect to know what is going on.

All of those tools are still available to you online and might come in handy if you take the time to explore them for future experiences with the software.

And with that .. this thread is locked
@vqman - Check the online help section in the basic tuning page for a better procedure for setting your timing with the set idle/timing mode.

(My girlfriend actually helped me write it so someone who never saw the program before could understand it.)
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