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Thread: accel enrichment

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2013-08-05 01:47:00
accel enrichment
so i've been noticing in my logs that when i go wot really quickly that my afr goes lean for a few seconds before it richens up, i been reading the Help thing and going through the different tables and i think i found what im lookin for to increase the fueling during this time but im not sure?

dTPS Factor Table?

thing is all the boxes from 8 to 24 are maxed out, would decreasing the number add fuel? guessing probably not?

so what do i need to do to get my afrs where they need to be when i go wot quickly?
2013-08-05 06:57:15
Ive always wondered if there is a delay in the wideband since its down the exhaust slightly.

Ive looked at this and changed a few tables, but its a bit hard to tell exactly which table is the best one to use to add extra fuel, without compromising the hell out of fuel economy. I know my mate that showed me tuning originally used to like to add heaps of accel enrich on old school chipping, which made the car feel a lot more peppy at light throttle aplications, but used a lot more fuel.the

I think to some degree, as long as the car doesnt have a flat spot when you press the gas, its getting "enough" fuel for accel enrich.

Ive recorded logs, then gone thru all the accel screens and tables before, and moved the cursor on the log to see what tables have traces that seem to move when the throttle is pressed, but there are some that dont trace, so dont know how much these ones are affecting things.
2013-08-05 07:17:50
yeah man, there are so many different tables its hard to decide which 1, some are for alpha-n, some for map, some for maf, some based off ect, so obviously i wanna use the ones for maf but the descriptions are a bit confusing..

when i floor it it seems like nothings happening then it richens up an is like someone flipped a switch an im hangin on for dear life lol

in tunerpro and nistune this would be called Accel Enrichment i believe, i forget what it was called in Nismotronic RT, but i had the same issue at first until i found it.
2013-08-05 07:49:56
my guess would be .... sync accel - accel parameters - normal dTPS table
2013-08-05 07:55:06
i dont see a table in that menu? or normal dtps table for that matter?

ahh its in Async > async factor tables
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2013-08-05 08:36:42
maybe... i havent downloaded a new version yet
2013-08-05 08:44:56
Well that's where I found dtps normal factor or however it was worded lol..

Def update man there's always stuff changing.. I try to help out when I find issues or whatever an johns really good about implementing fixes asap.

Btw I thought u had aem or something?
2013-08-05 09:12:22
I do.

But my hardtop project will be getting a nemu
2013-08-05 11:13:44
Ive commented a few times about the labels on tables, and on the abbreviations and such in the help files. If you completely understand tuning and tunercode, then im sure its clear and obvious, but the the noob tuner, this stuff is going to be a complete mystery.
2013-08-05 11:25:36
For sure! Theres probably only 2 people who fully understand this stuff an its john an dave lol

The rest of us are all learning together :-)
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