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Thread: NismoTronicSA Update: 3.4.3 (MIL Flashing Fixed)

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2013-08-08 13:36:39
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
however, it caused the nismotronic program to crash, but some data was still saved... i couldnt read what it said as i was driving so i just closed the program an shut the laptop lid.

I really need to know what you guys are doing to cause the program to crash, if it generates a runtime error .. send it to me!!!!!

I can tune a car all day long for hours and hours and not have the program crash one single time. I know everyone uses the software a bit differently, but if I don't get any feedback on how and why it crashed (the runtimeerror report file) there is no way I can fix it!!

Reviewing your log did not show the MIL coming on at all throughout the log, it seems you are using auto save recording.

Try turning this off and manually saving your logs to see if this helps, I don't use the auto save so maybe that is something that is causing an issue.
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2013-08-08 13:55:20
That pic shows the ignition power transistor. Someone who knows where the ignition resistor is located in your engine bay will have to help you find it.

There is no information in a log that will indicate why a DTC 21 IGN SIGNAL occurred. If you're not having any ignition issues (missing/stumbling) then the problem is because the signal isn't making it back to the ECU for some reason.

I don't know of anyone else having this issue.

2013-08-09 06:54:35
I still often get crashes when reviewing logging, particularly when trying to zoom or change a parameter while a log is loaded. Ive sent John runtime reports a few times about this, so now i just make sure i save heaps, and the log is auto recorded so i dont generally loose anything but a bit of time.
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