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Thread: High TP load values issue

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2013-07-10 06:09:28
High TP load values issue
I was doing some third gear runs today, getting my afr to where I wanted and on the last run I did to confirm my setting my nemu would rich out intermittently while on WOT.
After taking a look at my log the only thing I noticed was I was getting some ridiculously high tp values from 90 to even 130 or so.

Anybody has experienced something similar??
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2013-07-10 09:50:49
Using maf?

are you logging the TP? Ive had a couple of issues with hitting boost cut, and also max tp. It could be you are getting to max tp most of the time, and then it is spiking over at times?
2013-07-10 14:17:33

I've attached a CSV log with a txt extension (forum doesn't allow me to upload it as is). It seems MAF voltage is dropping which is causing it to rich out... not sure why.
2013-07-11 07:51:29
Is this on a Nemu? RT or SA? If you can post your tcd and a log file would be better.
2013-07-11 13:58:18
It's normal for MAF voltage to start dropping after torque peak.
2013-07-11 19:26:45
It's the opposite, it's abnormal for the maf voltage to start dropping after peak torque.

The maf voltage should start dropping after peak power.

That's why when you select a maf to use, they have a hp rating for the maf.
2013-07-11 20:15:30



I've attached the last log I did which was doing fine, and the later which starts to rich out.

I've also uploaded the TCD but since the issue I've increased my TP values on the fuel map (was 73 max and now 110) to see if it makes a difference.
2013-07-12 08:37:21
Ok, i see its RT file. What maf are you running? Odd numbers there. Also your K Value is massive, and your fuel map numbers are tiny.

You are getting to 93%duty on injectors, so its very rich. You also have Alpha/N enabled, which you should only use for open quad throttles.
2013-07-12 08:42:26
Pretty sure its the Alpha N causing most of the issues, but i would be checking that K value and maf values, not saying they are wrong, but its not a maf ive seen before (most ones ive seen have been JDM).

Is it a VE? I see you have a EGR out and AC set for RPM trigger, but the AC output is not ticked.
2013-07-12 15:45:58
It's a P60 MAF (Q45), the numbers are taken from the VQ thread here in the forum.

And in fact it is a VE, but I'm not using the ECU output to trigger the cams as I have a vtec controller but I've been to lazy to re-wire

About the Alpha/N, I'm pretty sure that it came enabled in the base TCD I downloaded from nismotronic, I'll disable it to see what gives.

Good news is that after extending the TP values it's running fine now.
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