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Thread: car wont start, seems to be out of phase

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2013-06-01 03:31:03
car wont start, seems to be out of phase
ok guys, its crunch time now. im trying to make the convention. and the car wont start. its hitting like something is out of phase..badd.. its a ve with 20v cas and s15 coils. running an s13 ecu. i allready talked to john and we figured it was the cas not being reconised by the ecu. so we did a calibration with the fwd de cas perimeters. its still not firing off correctly. also the ecu wont let me disable the coils in the software. when they are unchecked it still fires. the reason i wanted to do that was to check the wiring to make sure the coils relative placement in the engine was correct with what the ecu was wanting.

tomorrow im gonna test with a multimeter to make sure the coil wires are correct spots and also the injector wires. the funny part is when i was turning the engine over shooting the crank with the timing light it was hitting close to 15deg. but again thats only cyc #1.

im looking right now to try and find the cas curve for the b13 and the 20v cas. it may just be cause the 20v cas has a different setup inside.

any input from john or dave please post. im open to anything at this point
2013-06-01 04:30:07
Did you try with the original dizzy before changing to the 20v cas?
2013-06-01 04:34:12
no i didnt..

but i have an update:

i wasnt loading tcd file with the key off!!! so i tried a compleatly new tune not tried yet and IT FIRED!!!!

dunno some code must have went crazy. so now it starts up and dies imeadly i cant keep it running with throttle. any suggestions.

fyi the car is back on the startup map john made me, but like isaid above it starts and dies. any ideas?
2013-06-01 05:20:00
check timing
2013-06-01 05:57:12
What injectors and load source are you using? Could be that its getting cranking fuel but not enough to keep it running? Have you got the power feed for the coils wired to a ignition eccs relay controled power supply? Could be switching the power down after cranking?
2013-06-01 12:40:04
Re: car wont start, seems to be out of phase
I'm going to test those theories today along with the Maf signal.

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2013-06-01 13:11:35
You should be using the appropriate B13 SR20DE base TCD, and use the "COP Wizard" under "Tools" to enable COP for the SR20DET ECU you're using. Also, pull the codes and see if any DTCs are being set.

2013-06-01 13:40:13
Re: car wont start, seems to be out of phase
Yup that's what john and I did last night I still have a few tables to copy over first but all the major ones are copy over all ready

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2013-06-01 14:18:53
Since it fired up and idled for a little bit, it is likely your issue is now fueling related.

The startup map is simply to use as a base to get you in the right direction.

If you have a wideband wired into the ECU, take some logs of i during cranking and give it some throttle to help get it running.

Once we have some logs of the AFR and sensor data we can help you get it going and start on with your tuning
2013-06-01 17:10:59
hey dave did yea find anything crazy?
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