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Thread: Prepping for MAP conversion

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2013-06-10 17:34:25
fried my breakout box waitin on another haha.. learn from my mistakes guys! just wire it all seperate dont be fancy with the damn stock harness.
2013-06-10 17:43:10
Thanks for the info. I was planning on running my own wiring for it anyway, but is there a way to get around the need for resistors?

I thought I read something a while back about using the 5v source for the TPS... Also... if you're wiring straight off of the breakout box, you don't need any resistors, do you?
2013-06-10 17:52:50
u need them for the iat because its a 2 wire sensor i believe..
2013-06-10 19:24:09
Read this! IAT Sensor Installation

The resistor IS REQUIRED!

2013-06-11 14:39:32
Yeah, I read the write-up on the website yesterday after all of this. I didn't realize that the power was inline with the signal wire (only a 2 wire, powered sensor)... I understand now why it's required.

I'm debating on doing this, or just hooking up my MAF for the mean time until I find someone who can weld in the bung for me for the IAT on a new piece of IC pipe. Any decent alternatives to welding the bung in? F'n aluminum.....
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2013-08-15 06:16:06
Back from the dead!!

Been switching back an fourth between maf an map lately as i learn what the hell i am doing, but i've made several trips to or from my friends house (about 12-15 miles or so each way) and i think im getting the hang of it..

i also calibrated my IAT sensor, basically i started with ice water and a digital thermometer an put the sensor in and let the ice melt then entered the temp with the corresponding voltage box, next i heated some water up to boiling then put the sensor and digital thermometer in there and let the water cool down and again entered the temp in the corresponding voltage box.

i did cheat on the last few HOT boxes cause i couldnt get the water that hot, also cheated on some of the colder temp boxs, under 40 an shit basically.. but its pretty linear so it should be close, i was able to guess pretty close what temp / volt each one would be after i did a few while the hot was cooling, so im sure its in the ball park.

so far my intake temps seem to stay in the high 60's to low 80's, while driving. It is about 69-70 tonight which is about the the ambient temp is, while at a lite it went to 80 but once i started moving it went back down, thats pretty neat!

its also very cool to be able to see what vac/boost your at.
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2013-10-27 18:01:06
So what gauge wiring is recommended for this?
2013-10-27 21:48:44
Originally Posted by sentraga
so what gauge wiring is recommended for this?

awg 18
2013-10-29 01:45:44
Been driving on nothing but speed density the last month but still. having a few issues..

Super poor mpgs regardless of how I drive.. the afr is mostly dialed in but the weather really screws with it even tho I been using the iat an speed density corrections so the closed loop is constantly pulling or adding fuel to keep it right..

Also my transition from decel to light throttle likes to go lean an even the closed loop doesn't help.. I adjusted the fuel table to try to fix it but I can only go so far before lines start crossing..

Lastly I have an issue when I have been decelerating an I clutch in an when it trys to resume idle the rpms dip really low but it hasnt actually stalled yet.. i played with the idle and decel shit but nothin really helped..

Any ideas?
2013-10-29 10:42:04
Wow, all things i struggled with for ages. Its the complete unknown of how to fix it thats frustrating. Removing fuel and accel enrich to try and improve fuel econ just made the car flat and unresponsive, so im not sure where all the gas goes. Always noticed a big rich spike to mid 11s on light load back off, so im assuming that wasnt helping.

I gave up and parked my P10 when i got my gtir, it uses less gas and is way easier to drive, but i do miss the power and handling of the P10. Havent driven it in about 3 months
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