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Thread: Nismotronic in Pulsar GTI-R (Problems)

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2012-10-15 12:28:43
what is your full setup? engine, Ecu, injectors etc?

2012-10-15 15:39:13
Full Setup is : Stock engine sr20det , stock injectors 440cc, P10 92 year . Nissan Primera ECU SR20DE 110kw 23710 70J10 (BOSCH 0 261 200 358) this ecu with NEMu board .
My stock ecu is 54C00 Nissan the first i tried on this ecu the nemu board but it hase same idle problems and always rich. Then John say to tray sr20de ecu and now i have Nemu in there but its same problems.
Maf is stock . New spark plugs NGK BKR7E -11.
Malpassi FPR set to 4bar
New Walbro 255 hlp fuel pump
FMiC, 3'' exhaust.
stock turbo t28.
Have USDM B13 ecu differents of this Europe sr20de ecus ? I can take some pictures of ecu if needed ?!
2012-10-15 22:38:21
I don't think your p10 ecu is supported bud?

Originally Posted by nismotronic

Supported ECUs:

91-93 Nissan Sentra/SE-R/NX2000/Pulsar B13,N14,N15 SR20DE Manual
ECU Part Nos: 64Y00, 64Y01, 67Y00, 68C00, 1N960

91-93 Infiniti G20 P10 SR20DE Manual
ECU Part Nos: 62J00, 62J01, 77J00

91-93 Nissan 240sx S13 SR20DET Manual
ECU Part Nos: 50F00, 50F01, 50F05

91-94 Nissan 240sx S13 KA24DE Manual
ECU Part Nos: 53F00, 53F01

Nissan Pulsar RNN14 SR20DET
ECU Part Nos: 54C00, 54C60

also iirc the stock fuel pressure is 3bar, so this wont be helping matters
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2012-10-16 05:15:11
Is any Difference between Pulsar stock ecus 54C00 ?
I Have one friends 92 year Pulsar ECU and with this my 94 year Pulsar wont start (fuel pump not working) can be the ecu itself died becaus friend dont know if that working or not ,it has sits ower 5 years in garage .
2012-11-18 08:11:33
Hi !
Have tryed all things ! Nemu works well when engine is warm 90 celsius idle fine 3bar fuel press. at wot is ok rich 11 afr.
When engine cold it still 10 afr i think that the nismotronic cant work with 4 throttlebodyes and iacv valve , tryed do set ect enrichment table to as low as possible in all temp extent.
Tryed to set different injector sizes 1000cc 550cc its going little bit better but it wont rev up with this big injector sizes.
I have some TCL files - when engine is cold and 40 clesius
Have tried disable o2 , disable knock no big differents,
2012-11-19 21:05:25
The GTIR engine is a little different with having quad throttles, but this wont affect what you are currently having issues with.

I have used a nemu in a P10 ecu, jdm, which is not listed as being supported, and it ran fine. There are some differences with outputs that the b13 ecu has, but the address for the fuel/ignition etc and all the basic running important stuff is the same.

I think you are more likely to have a mechanical issue with a sensor or some such, maybe bad fuel pressure regulator or vac feed, maybe a air leak in your intake tract? CHeck your maf, check you have the correct maf chosen? I have a z32 in my car, blew it apart with blow thru and taped it up, then got a spare so fitted that and the car wouldnt run, it was a N62 z32 maf still, but for some reason the Maf curve was different.

Make sure you dont have a leaky injector or something silly too.

Check every earth, engine to chassis, and the 2 under the intake manifold, many people have had odd issues and said yeah they are fine, then found one is a bit loose or has some corrosion.
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