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Thread: Logging Values NOT Being Displayed? (Fix in Here!)

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2013-05-25 05:48:39
I mean yes the logging is stopping and not show any live data ! On cold all working fine but on warmed engine its stopp logging but i can do changes in nemu board and upload so the nemu board working but logging is the problem what i need to fix to do normal dyno tune.
2013-05-25 13:38:14
So when the logging stops the engine keeps running normally?
2013-05-25 16:12:04
Yes ! engine keeps running normally !
2013-05-25 20:44:37
Have you tried installing the board into a different ECU?

I honestly have never seen or heard of anyone else having this problem, so it is definitely something odd!
2013-05-26 05:50:55
The only ecu what i can try is GTIR original ecu 54C00 ! Need to finde new 2x20 pin connector to solder it in and these 3 wires .
I will try today one thing more with cold spray and see what nemu do ! i will post soon !
2013-05-26 13:21:12
Have you tired another alternator? It could be inducing some sort of high frequency transience that is causing interference.

How do you have the 3 wires routed in the ECU? Try to keep them together and away from the PCB. You could also try grounding the ECU case to see if that might help get rid of the noise.
2013-05-26 14:10:08
Hmm dont have any second alternator to try ! I have re-grounded all ground points in engine bay with new wires. ECU is mounted in his original spot (frame what is welded to body) so from this can be ecu grounded or ?
Tryed today play with cold spray and what i found that when this logging issue happened i cool down these 3 wires what soldered on 3 pins and loggig have stabilised and working on about 5 min then its starts again . Also tryed to spray on nemu board connection pins on the left side and this helps to stabilise live data showing.
I Will try do re-solder this things again !
2013-05-27 18:29:41
Hey today i have re-soldered these 3 wires and also 3 pin connection point on ecu board but have still live data logging problem on warm engine ! If i cool down with freezer spray nemu board and also these 3 wire connection pins , the live data stabilise and showing as normal about 5 min and then again. !
will try original Pulsar ECU and see what its doing ! Another idea is to insatll some cooling fan whats cools ecu down ?! but its not problem answer !
2013-05-27 20:25:15
A mate of mine is having similar issues with his Nemu, but i havent had a chance to look at it yet to see if its a Nemu or a laptop issue. Looks like there is a couple of these issues popping up, so going to be interesting to find the solution and post up the fix.
2013-05-28 05:04:33
Ah also i noticed this when the live data and maps flashing and stalling , on dashboard check engine starts a strangely flashing same However, after some time disappears. No check codes reading !
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