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Thread: NEMU ADC Wiring - (New Break-Out Box)

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2012-02-20 19:47:35
Originally Posted by SentraThis96
Well be sure to post either on this thread or PM me when you get new vids up! I want to see them ASAP!

When I go to buy the NEMU package, what is the preferred way to get the ECU to you for install? Just send it to your address after you receive payment?

I will be sure to post them on the forum and in the video section on the website.

I provide a shipping address after the payment has been received. You are also welcome to send it in ahead of time if you are certain you want to get it installed. That way I could ship it back as soon as the payment processes.
2013-02-11 01:06:25
thats awesome.
i didnt see the breakout box on the website so i didnt know how to get them.
2013-02-11 13:56:19
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
thats awesome.
i didnt see the breakout box on the website so i didnt know how to get them.

They are included in the purchase of the RT system.
2014-03-22 18:53:17
Edit: got it figured out. The yellow lead off of the innovative gauge goes into the port of my choice on the ADC breakout box.. ADC0, ADC1, ADC2 or ADC3..

For just running a wideband, it is the only wire than needs to be tapped into the terminals... And of course the cat-5 cable plugs into the RJ45 port and routes to the RJ45 port on the Nemu/Nismotronic board inside the ECU..

The confusion came on my end when I saw another thread where a guy wanted to use the 5v output and had to run 12v and ground into the ADC breakout box to make that work..
Last edited by vqman on 2014-03-23 at 05-28-07.
2014-03-23 01:53:03

Care to detail what each pin is for?

ADC input to connect 0-5V signals like wideband, etc OK
5vout to connect MAP or other sensors so they are powered by the box OK
12vin you need to connect 12V IGN OK
Each of the three GND?
PW1 and PW2 can be used for the boost soleonoid, an IACV or?
2014-03-23 03:13:04
I will take one John
2014-03-29 08:12:20
Hi !
Can someone tell me how i connect some K-type EGT sensor to ADC box ? Egt sensor have 2 wires (wich one i need to connect in what adc input to have it real time loging ?)
2014-03-29 15:05:48
That is a thermocouple so will need an amplifier that converts the temperature to a 0-5V signal which can be connected to a NEMU ADC input.

Here are some examples:
Exhaust Gas Technologies Inc. - Motorsports Catalog
Thermocouple amplifier - 0-5v output
Products » Sensors » Temperature » Thermocouple amplifier - Industrial OEM Testing - Race Technology Ltd - Automotive Technical Excellence
2015-11-18 09:26:08
i just bought this can you tell me what pins to plug to the box
2pcs MAX6675 Module K Type Thermocouple Temperature Sensor for Arduino R3 | eBay
2015-11-18 13:56:37
That module isn't compatible with the ADC breakout box. It's output is SPI bus and the ADC inputs are 0-5V analog.
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