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Thread: Had to start all over

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2018-03-02 13:07:09
Had to start all over
Hi friends. I was formerly clean_classic here on the forum but because my dumb ass used an army.mil e-mail address to sign up I have since retired and can no longer access that e-mail address so I had to start all over again. Feels good to be back on here though. My B13 has been through one hell of a ride up to this point and I'll start posting and sending friend requests again. Drive safe but fast.
2018-03-02 15:27:04
Ben Fenner should be able to change your old account to use the new email address. I sent him a PM on Facebook with a link to this page.

2018-03-02 22:17:02
Thanks for the heads up Chris.

Yah, I'm sure we can work something out. My main reason in insisting that I get an e-mail from the original address on the account is to make sure I'm giving access to the account to the right person.
I believe we've been in contact over Facebook? Either way, I'm sure I can find another way to authenticate you to the account and then get you access to your original user account. Hopefully merge the two accounts...

We'll work on this in the coming days. I plan to be doing some work on the forum this weekend anyway.
2018-03-02 22:30:38
SWEET SUCCESS....Ben squared me away on my old account...your awesome Mr. Fenner
2018-03-02 23:08:40
You're welcome. I'm sorry it took so long to get you sorted.
2018-03-03 14:02:28
Hey Rob, hope you and the SE-R are in decent shape! Good to see you on here again.
2018-03-04 13:59:28
The SE-R is in just OK shape...still hasn't been painted so it really looks like crap on the outside, the inside is pretty good just trying to get alot of these trims and seal pieces replaced. Ashton did alot of work to it so it runs real good. You going to the convention?
2018-03-05 06:53:03
Good to hear that it's running well, FL is a bit far for me so I won't be going.
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