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Thread: New member from inactive Sentra forums, found cheap QR need some advice please!!!

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2016-10-23 22:12:42
New member from inactive Sentra forums, found cheap QR need some advice please!!!
Greetings SR20 community from NJ, US.

Need some advise as all the sentra forums seem dead now a days.
Found an 05 se-r spec v for $1500! which has the 2.5 qr25de so not quite as sr but hope for some advice.
It has 127k miles and seems like its been beat up, need some body work and such witch is no problem on my end.
My concerns where it bogs down while idling and stalls sometimes and one instance while test driving it bogged a little at 5g, otherwise ran great. I know of the precat problem these B15s had, And the car isn't burning oil but the exhaust manifold had been replaced along with apexi exhuast system. Coil packs must of been replace at one time with cheap ebay ones, i'm only guessing though because their is no writing on them..
Had them take a plug out, looked normal for that mileage but a lil black (b15's run rich ,hence the precat problem) Couldn't see the piston cause it's way deep but it shined the light back like liquid was on it .

At that price i willing to do the work to a certain extent, i don't want to be stuck with it like the used dealer is if there no means to fix it. anyone have experience? Maybe just need coil packs and plugs? guys says it has been sitting a bit and he drove it half across the county with no problems.
It kinda scares me that the exhuast manifold was recently replaced, maybe the precat problem just strated and the other owner caught it. if so how is this fixed just get the block re honed? Cost?
Willing to put another 1000 or so into it, even rebuild the motor. Any specific companys that specialize in this?

I have decent mechanical skills but never pulled a motor/overhual. however i do have the means and space to do it.
currently have 01 gxe that i never did much to because of online community warning that just isn't cost effective and to just get sr lol

I sure i could restore it, even have plans for turbo down the road if runs strong, but wanted to run by the community so I know what I'm getting into.
Anything Appreciated, Thanks for having me!
2016-10-24 02:34:02
Was just helping my bro with he's 02 specv same idling issues and cutting off on the rpms we took off the throttle body and clean the intake pipes , cleaned maf and throttle body was the hardest it took 2 bottles of carb cleaner and alot few towels to get all the gunk out it finally put everything together and did the throttle body and idle relearn steps and it only fix the cut off and it didn't die anymore we also check battery volts only were putting below the 12.9 and nissan says only to do the relearn steps with a voltage of 12.9 and above so we are going to replace battery next week and redo the steps everything made a difference only issue we have now is it idles high , reason why we need to redo the idle relearn steps , they are a pain in my eyes but preventive maintenence is the key for this new generation cars
2016-10-24 20:53:13
Step 1. Remove QR25DE.

Step 2. Install QR20DE or SR20DE.

Step 3. Drive knowing the engine will not implode anymore.
2016-10-24 22:23:00
Originally Posted by Kyle
Step 1. Remove QR25DE.

Step 2. Install QR20DE or SR20DE.

Step 3. Drive knowing the engine will not implode anymore.

Step 1 : read the whole post , homies just said he has never pulled a motor before
Step 2: even if he pays someone to do it it will still be above the 1k he's willing to pay extra
Step 3: why go through an engine swap if the original engine it's not blown yet
2016-10-24 23:44:47
Because the QR25DE is a huge pile of shit. He has a 2005 model car. Those are known, horrendously, for beings extreme garbage machines.

These are the SR20 forums and most folks will endorse that engine... that needs little spotlight. He mentioned rebuilding for $1000? You can buy a JDM engine to drop in for way less than that.

I suggested a well known (and better) version of the QR that is a complete bolt in to fix his situation and have a car that will work completely normal and be void of all EGR related junk as well.
2016-10-29 15:45:10
damn did too much research, like 0_o now. don't know what to do. I really hate new cars, so ugly. And can't afford ones I want. Can I fit sr20det into my 01 gxe 5speed? I got some welding skills if need be. Will my Tranny fit? Probably not.. The research is tough, everyones info varies slightly. Found awd u13 out of a bluebird but its auto . Also found sr20ve but from what I read sr20de/t still better choice in US cause lack of parts/Trannys? lol someone tell me what i want unlike most i'll actually listen :P
2016-10-29 23:05:29
SR20VE would be my choice. I am pretty sure you will need an sr20 5 speed.
2016-11-01 17:16:20
What do you want?
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