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Thread: Hello from Albuquerque, new with a VE p10

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2016-08-08 02:58:05
Long overdue pics

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2016-08-08 03:16:48
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2016-08-09 14:03:19
Pics aren't working for me???
2016-08-09 14:43:53
I do not believe B15 place will host links to be shown in other places.
2016-08-09 20:05:09
Originally Posted by Kyle
I do not believe B15 place will host links to be shown in other places.

They do, been doing it for years. I made a mistake posting. Cats out of the bag now
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2016-08-09 20:09:35
Thanks! They work great now!
2016-08-13 00:30:51
Thanks BigMo!

Quick list of updates for everyone: Tein S tech lowering springs, KYB excel g/gr-2s all around, powerstop pads and centric rotors in the rear, fresh alignment, 5mm hubcentric wheel spacers (only the rears are pictured in the new shots, looks way better now with the front having spacers on too, I need more pics!), new tires (Nexen cp672 sport all seasons), front grille from a '96 p10 that I color-matched factory beige pebble, and a fresh cone air filter for the hot air intake.

I am seriously Loving the car! Next on the list will be a proper cat back exhaust rather than my hacked mufflerless setup (it really does sound beast in VVL though) and likely a new high flow cat as well. Right now I am running the SSAC header to the stock cat and stock resonator, both original from 92, and then just the first portion of pipe as I cut it just a slight bend farther than being passenger side exit. Also, I am still running the OEM original cap and rotor as well as o2 sensor, I would like to replace all of those with new oem parts. After that, much later down the road I will upgrade from the SSAC to likely a 4-1 and go full 3in catless. Lastly, I am definitely considering simply dropping in SR16VE cams with the stock springs and retainers and just getting a fresh map from nismotronics to rev to 8k even and make a little more up top. Not to mention I have a slight 5th gear pop out problem so a nice lsd updated 5 speed might be a beautiful yet expensive part of my future with this car. I use the car for my 40 mile per day commute so I have obviously learned how to drive it just right haha and I have no problem with that.

Let me know what you guys think!
2016-08-14 12:33:45
Wow! you're making me miss ABQ! car looks beautiful man...that white B13 tho ....lol
2016-08-14 14:24:35
Car looks great! Sounds very reliable...like it could make a trip to San Antonio in 2017
2016-08-27 23:11:52
Both cars pictured hope to make it out to San Antonio next year! And my other buddy, who did my swap, is picking up another P10 and is going to put in another VE, and he hopes to make it out as well.
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