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Thread: New member that bought a lemon p11

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2016-03-09 05:39:36
New member that bought a lemon p11
Hey sr20 forum.

I'd like to start off by saying that, while I have learned a lot about cars by buying sh*t ones that I need to work on constantly to keep on the road, I'm still a very novice DIY mechanic.

With that out of the way - I bought what I thought was a steal of a deal from a sketchy guy in a bad part of town.
This 2000 Infiniti G20 with aftermarket air intake and magnaflow exhaust was too good to be true. This mr.clean special is branded salvage. The cost to restore it back to road worthiness (in my neck of the woods) just wouldn't be worth the investment.
Instead of the thousands it would take in parts and labour to fix this thing, I'm thinking of doing a swap. There's a $1000 '93 G20 up for sale and it would be less of a pain to register that sucker, so why not swap the engine from the more powerful 2000 model?
Well, because I don't know if I can. Yes it's the same engine, but they vary slightly from the early p10 model, and I don't know how different they really are.

Has anyone done this swap? Is there any thread you can show me with details/problems/snags?
Are the mounts in the same spot?

I assume the ecm and maf would need to be brought over from the '00? But really I don't know, I'm basic as balls.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Humbled Lemon Picker

P.S. Here are some pictures of fruit

2016-03-09 16:48:11
The 2000 engine is fairly different than the 1993 engine. The intake manifolds are very different. The sensors the 2000 car has will not go with the 1993 car.

The harness from the 1993 car will not be able to run the 2000 engine without some changes.

1. Are both cars standard transmission? (manual, 5 speed?) Auto cars have much more electronic BS in them.

2. The intake manifold has to be from an earlier version of the engine in the 2000. From 1994 to 1999, Nissan SR20DE has a slightly different intake manifold. That will bolt directly to the 2000+ engines but the sensors for the 2000+ intake manifold will not be recognized by 1999 and older ECUs. I hope that was not confusing.

3. The transmission attaches to the body different from the 2000 G20 than the 1993 G20. Older transmissions will not bolt up to newer chassis but old chassis can accept the newer transmissions because the holes are present for both chassis in the 2000+ transmission cases.

There are quite a few ways to do this. I can list what I would do.

Ignore 2000 G20, sell it, scrap it, take the engine and chassis front end for parts and buy the 1993 G20.

Get a new engine for the 1993 G20 and refresh that or swap it in and go. Much easier to do without involving the complications of the 2000+ wiring harness, ECU, and other annoying changes Nissan made.

I hope some of that helps and welcome to the forum.
2016-03-09 20:38:41
Originally Posted by Kyle

Ignore 2000 G20, sell it, scrap it, take the engine and chassis front end for parts and buy the 1993 G20.

That's probably what I would say. OP posted that it's a lemon but didn't go into details. One man's lemon is another man's cherry But yah, sounds like time to say goodbye
2016-03-10 14:48:52
where you located?

I am looking to get rid of my p11...its a 00 touring 5spd with new bearings in the trans (8k on them since rebuild).. car has 200k on it at the moment, runs great, but there are some things that need to be done...

the driver wheel bearing is starting to go bad (it just started growling a tiny bit)
sun roof doesnt close when you open it, its a common track probleme

Im looking to get like 4k obo for the car ALong with all the parts (ww lip, duals w/hids, UKDM tails, custom filler bar, custom EricD trunk spoiler, infinit capa's /crossovers/tweets/amp, Pioneer Avic f900, Tein SS coilovers (rebuilt by tien 1-2k miles ago), Carbin front bar, Octo rear bar, full new 2.5 :" exhaust, SSAC header, all weather rubber mats, ill also throw in a Stiller front bumper/lip, & some TEV i think Side skirts)
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