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Thread: super noob!

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2013-11-19 01:48:02
super noob!
I just picked up my very first nissan (91 nx)(minus a highschool love affair with my 84 datsun 210) less than a week ago and have fallen in love! I have a buddy who has the same car and i always wondered why he loved his little egg car so much. I now get it. the only real problem im having right now is it stutters and hesitates around 2k when warmed up to normal temp. any advice?
2013-11-19 12:11:36
Welcome to the forum. I would recommend starting off with a standard tune-up for you may not know when or how this car was maintained. I know when I got my 94 B13 I replaced plugs, wire, cap n rotor, pcv valve, air filter, fuel filter, MAF, IACV and did an oil change. In addition I dropped the fuel tank and cleaned it out. The hesitation and shuttering sounds like ignition timing but it could be something as simple as a spark plug. Good luck.
2013-11-19 14:05:56
For me and 2 of my NX's the ~2k hesitation was caused by a bad 02 sensor.
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