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Thread: hello from Tampa

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2013-05-29 02:52:39
hello from Tampa
Hello my name is Austin, I'm from Tampa, Fl, and I have a lot of issues with my sr20
2013-05-29 03:09:57
Welcome Austin,sorry to hear you are having problems.
This forum has alot of great info to be found by searching.Follow that up with some specific questions,and you will get alot of help here.
What is your car? any pics?
2013-05-29 03:18:30
Its an 89 coupe with a blacktop sr, and since I have you here, I've searched all over multiple forums and youtube and I havent been able to find an engine that makes quite the same noise as mine, do you happen to know what it is?

and this is my 240, its a work in progress but its fun to drive when it works

2013-05-29 13:41:09
Welcome to the forum bro, @eggman it looks like people finally are coming out of caves here in FL almost every week a Floridian is popping out in the forums...lol

@booozy=My best suggestion is to use one of this "a stethoscope" to pin point where the noise is coming from. If you don't have one here is a link on how to make one http://www.sr20-forum.com/audio-electronics/50744-diy-electronic-knock-stethoscope.html Once with this in hand you can pin point where the noise is coming from and get down and dirty. Most common noises are wrist pin knocks, engine rod bearing noise, or lifter noise.
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2013-05-29 14:17:07
Alright ill give it a go. I can't run it now because since I've taken that video ive stripped a camshaft bracket bolt and broken the oil pan :/ but if I remember correctly it was coming more from the back, which is what the rocker arm I broke was
2013-05-29 17:16:11
Sorry to hear that well keep us posted and by the way thats a clean coupe.
2013-06-04 15:32:48
Welcome to the Forum I had a circlip on a free float piston pin fail and made a noise kind of like that but a scope should help you narrow it down.
Good luck in finding it and getting it back to 100%
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