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Thread: New with a build/intro

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2013-02-19 14:30:02
New with a build/intro
Hey guys i'm Erick somewhat new to this forum but not new to Nissans. I have a B14 200sx that I planned to keep as a daily while i'll stay in the stance world. but that quickly got boring as I sought to go back to my old roots for speed + function.

I'm a small person myself so after owning a couple turbo cars, I knew all motor would best suit me. Wanted to stay Nissan so i searched all over for a b13 so I can have the sr20de & irs. That didn't go well so I got this

IMG_0187 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

IMG_0189 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

The body style immediately grew on me over the b13 so I started to search on this forum of what I can do.

Did a little clean up & threw on B14 SE-R wheels on it & cleaned up the interior

200SX by E.gourdet, on Flickr

dub 004 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

dub 003 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

dub 001 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

dub 002 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

After cleaning I did a more thorough check out to see what needs to be done.

Had a lot of rust on the doors I believe that's common, Check engine light to some sort of EVAP issuse that's going to be fixed since i'm doing a tremendous fueling upgrades, pumps, new tank, E85 etc.... Noticed my front was really rusted after driving 60mph & my hood flew up halfway lol

So I decided before anymore upgrades taking care of what needs to be done shall be done !

IMG_0240 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

IMG_0350 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

IMG_0356 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

& oh yea new brakes cause something told me it was time...

IMG_0242 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

So as those still never got installed cause I was still in the mix of doing that n15 pulsar vz-r front conversion, I decided to stay with the 98 front bumper & headlights & just go with the 95-97 grille

Watched a couple honda all motor videos & knew I had to build something to compete so I opted the SR20DE/VE head route & got this the following weekend

IMG_0353 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

IMG_0354 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

(it's also for sale flooded engine $50 local pick up only pm me)

Then hurricane sandy rolled through destroyed my engine parts of my house & a lot of other precious belongings around me. So much devastation nearly brought me to just doubting that maybe cars isn't just for me. But as I was driving home thinking I said before I sell this let me fix up a couple more stuff so I got these

IMG_0577 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

& for some reason reading more builds brought me back to being motivated so the parts buying continued

Got me a little miscellaneous things to spice up (still being in the stance phase just a little bit)

IMG_0585 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

Did some more little things & maintenance since I was going to buy BC Coilovers the following week

IMG_0586 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

& painted the carpet black

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

Then doing all these little things weren't satisfying. & losing to my boys stock vr6 gti by not much I knew that I had to get back into the fast days. (I had a vr6 jetta & no it was never fast not here to bang on anyone I just hated people who say vr's were fast.. very sluggish motors in my opinion)

I was very amazed that these motors have reached 300+whp all motor. So countless days on this forum searching made me choose this routed over the vq35

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

& oh yea got a 6spd :biggthump

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

& if it's possible can you guys source me part numbers for all seals & stuff to replace in the tranny ? want to rebuild & replace as much while these components are out the car

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

VVL Delivered !


Another man's trash is another man's treasure

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

did a hand mock-up & it seems this lip will need little cutting to fit up to the 98 bumper. & Untill it gets warmer here I probably won't have as much progress as I want too & being that i'm just now recovering from a broken hand also.

Since I will be doing things myself & being my 1st swap I got these for help & joined this forum so any info will be greatly appreciated

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

Decided to keep the car black & gutted out interior but over with black rust preventive material dedicated for my grandma who loves yellow that past away a couple years & for my mom who loves black.

So i'm going to be doing my valve cover over again but trying to get it to wrinkle yellow like this & maybe doing mazworx's 4pt roll cage yellow still iffy about that

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

wrinkleyellow3-1 by E.gourdet, on Flickr

I started contacting TDMI imports on what's going to benefits me in the suspension areas. So I bought their bushings & i'm going to contact 2j racing because i'm swaping over a b15 rear beam since I already have their front knuckles

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

& oh yea this is getting a 5 lug conversion going to go with oem z32 wheels or oem r32 gtr wheels

B15 spindles

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

Why you ask? not so for looks but for small wheels to clear 26mm 4pots in the future

Got a sweet deal on 05-06 GSXR 1000 itb's & the size i believe is 46mm-50mm going to get aftermarket trumpets to help out

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

Since i'm going 6spd instead of getting a b15 clutch pedal from my parts car I said hmm if i'm going to track this as much as possible or least have fun as much as I can this should deserve everything new

my solution !

til-72-603_w by E.gourdet, on Flickr

Still have to order it but this will probably be one the last parts i'll order really focused on buying parts for the engine & getting it in running 1st

But here's the rest of my plans

Mazworx 2.4l stroker kit
itb's fitted
Extreme head work (can someone point me in the direction of reputable machine shops in NY preferably longisland areas)
02 spec v
clutch & flywheel any suggestions (all motor to handle 300+)
p12 bellhousing (next to be ordered)

Sparco 300mm steering wheel
Fully gutted
manual window conversion if it's possible
Best seats for a 30-32' waist size & 125lb person

Just clean it up
re align the front end
New black paint job
Maybe se-r skirts

& that's about it till now. This might be in the wrong section but being this I believe is my 1st post I think this is the right place but anyway this is my intro/build hope you guys like. All info & criticism welcomed. I know this is going to be very expensive. I don't let money get in the way of something I love so this will most likely be a quality build of genuine & custom parts if it takes another year to be perfect in my eyes, the money will be spent !

Enjoy till next time
2013-03-07 02:47:30
Wow nice build.
2013-03-07 14:56:17
Thanks just purchased 92mm crank. Starter, slave cylinder & others. Put my bellhousing order with greg v hopefully I get that sometime soon. Pics will be posted this weekend
2013-03-07 15:14:19
Nice build. Lmk how the pedals work out
2013-03-07 16:22:10
Thanks as soon as I get my bellhousing I will order them so I can start a full mock up
2013-03-16 16:19:06
Not really that much of an update just been in the contacts with mazworx, j-k tuning, b15 spec v parts suppliers etc... here's just a few stuff I bought recently & did. Finishing school soon so updates will be pretty slow almost done paying it off & have to save some cash while I will be probably be doing an un-paid externship :nightmare:

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

Gutted majority of the interior still have some panels to take off & dry ice sound deadening. I guess when the weather gets warmer I will definitely get to it. Also have rust spots to fix ughhh. My goal is to get it looking like this e36 interior aluminum panels & hopefully a manual window conversion (has it been done in a b14 before ?)

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

Other Spec V parts. Going to stay with spec v rear brakes instead of z32 2 pots in the rear I think that would be too much for my power levels & weight

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

Wrinkled my valve cover, going to make it red instead I think it will flow better with my future paint plans

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr

&&& oh yeaa 92mm crank is here ! pistons & head parts will be ordered probably sometime April hopefully still deciding whether to go 13:1 on pump gas & e85 here & there or 12:5:1 pump gas/e85 someone point me in the right direction if is i was to go with 13:1 will kelford 184-c cams be a lot better or just stay with n1s & remember this will be with itb's & I believe a j-k tuning ems

Untitled by E.gourdet, on Flickr
2013-03-16 16:43:16
Damn, crank is serious business.
2013-03-16 18:11:19
The 184cs are definitely worth it. Since your planing on picking up a ton of cfm... my 2.3 picked up 10whp . from the 184c over the n1s.

And btw those itbs will not be anywhere near large enough for a proper 2.4
2013-03-16 18:57:06
^X2. Ditch the itb's and go with a large center fed plenum. 100mm TB out of the hood would be ideal. Guarantee it will make more than those itb's. Looks like you're on the right path. Keep up the good work!
2013-03-16 20:16:07
Wow, nice and serious build. Good luck with all, I would love to watch it go together and see what numbers it makes in the end. Do you have a number in mind?
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