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Thread: HOW TO: B14 Throttle Body Heater Bypass

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2009-06-08 04:42:07
Hey Vadim thanks a lot for this Info!

Y made this Mod on my SR20DE. First of all I had to take out the Intake, the sensors to make sure they will keep safe but also I had to take out the Throttle Body because mine is High Port and it was very uncomfortable but possible

What I noticed was that the Throttle Body temperature was very low after doing this and the Temperature of my engine in general didn't change any bit at all.

So if yours is HighPort this is possible as well.

BTW... I live in Costa Rica , so that throttle body heater doesn't work here! The lowest temperature here is like 60º F
2009-06-08 05:35:11
I remember the first time I cleaned the throttle body on my first B14 5 or 6 years ago.... I would have done this little "mod" but after reading the procedure of cleaning the TB on Se-R.net I decided not too.

Cleaning the Throttle Body

This is one area where the Nissan engineers fumbled the ball. The throttle body and intake manifold "collector" accumulates thick black oil residue over time due to the engine gas recirculation scheme employed on the SR20DE. To really do the job right you must completely remove the throttle body. This is a task as the cooling system is plumbed into the bottle of the unit and is difficult to disconnect and reconnect. Coolant will freely flow from the hoses upon removal and drain your system quite quickly. It's there to keep the temp high at the throttle plate in order to 'melt ' that sludge, DO NOT BYPASS THIS CIRCUIT. I spotted an article somewhere on the web where the author detailed the bypass procedure. If you do, be prepared to repeat this cleaning process quarterly!.. Also, there's a vacuum line attached to the bottom of the unit. Don't forget the throttle position sensor connector.
2009-06-08 12:43:30
With that in mind we should point towards the oil blow by threads.

I think with a good PCV catch can and a good oil breather can, you should have just about no oil resedu, especially if your EGR is not there too .
2009-10-11 02:35:48
Has anyone ever thought of instead installing valves to close the circuit in the summer and open it in the winter? Also, Maybe running a JDM emission free manifold?
2009-10-11 02:54:10
Yup we sure have, the problem is finding small enough on/off switches.

As for the manifold, turbo folks either run EGR delete's or JDM mani's anyway. I have a JDM manifold.
2010-01-09 05:12:29
Haha, first I saw this, I just did this on my build. Rerouted the heater hose back to itself as well. Never saw any reason to have the throttle body heated on a track car.
2010-01-10 21:00:50
LM Splitters
2010-06-16 16:33:58
Instead of connecting the hoses to each other..would I be able to get my coolant supply for my turbo from these lines? Which one would be the supply? Closer to the firewall? or does it not matter?
2010-06-16 16:55:51
I think you can, not sure which one would be better then other though. Start a new thread in the turbo section .
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