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Thread: Emissions in MI

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2012-01-14 02:27:49
Emissions in MI
Hey guys. I'll be moving to the Detroit area within the next month. Just wanted to ask the locals what the emissions situation is over in the Detroit area?
2012-01-14 17:07:45
Well I did a search online. From what I found there is no emissions testing in MI.
2012-01-17 01:42:23
no, there isn't.. you can drive around for years there with a CEL on.. lol
2012-01-20 00:35:32
Yep no emissions testing im MI you can drive your car with all kinds on CEL on lol..
When are you coming? just visiting or staying for a while? All tought your gona come in the winter cold compare to Georgia
2012-02-25 21:17:57
I might be moving to Michigan this year (holiday first to see if i can get work)

Is it possible to legally drive a JDM RHD P10 here? Is there a process for importing older cars? I am weighing up the options to ether ship my JDM Awd sr20vet P10 over if i move or sell it and build something else. Emissions was one question i had but this thread answered it.
2012-02-26 06:07:18
I grew up in NY so I'm used to northern winters. pTen if your car is not 25 years old it's technically illegal to import it into the United States unless it has been certified for importation. Certification is not easy. There are guys sidestepping this rule and finding ways to register cars in individual states. However these methods are not really legal. If the FEDS find out and they want to make an example for sure your car is getting seized, crushed, and who knows what kind of penalty you might face. Even if you manage to bring the car in then you have to figure out how you will get insurance for it.

I'm not even bothering with the mess. The giant killing JDM cars are already starting to become legal in the US. S13s will be legal next year. GTi-Rs a year after that. Some mid to late eighties gems are already legal. S12s, VR-4s, R31 Skylines, 1st gen MR2s, etc.
2012-02-26 06:28:33
Thanks for your info, Looks like it would be a waste to bring it over unless i did a lot of track days. Might be feasible to ship over the engine and put it in soemthing rather than the whole car.
2012-02-26 14:42:56
A p10 was legal here from 1991 through 1996 so if your p10 is one of those years, I don't see why you couldn't just register is as a g20 for import purposes. I know I met someone who brought over a 1994 Primera RHD wagon and had it registered without issue and when I asked how he was able to do that, he said because it was the same as a 'g20' here so if you really wanted to bring it in, I'd bet you can still do it legally.

I know for a fact that there are at least 2 other AWD p10s legally titled and plated here as well. One is in Idaho I believe and the other one is in Flordia IIRC.
2012-02-26 15:11:35
Legally? No. If they were to ever find out that a Primera was here insured under a G20 facade, then you'd be up a creek with the paddle jammed up your rear. Just because you found a way to skirt around the system and get your car plates, stickers and insurance, DOES NOT make it a legal import.

There are plenty of ways around that fact if you wanted to get creative, but I sure wouldn't want to engage in insurance fraud.

As for emissions in MI, at the time when I was living in Grand Rapids, there was no tests. No emissions and no inspections. Probably never will be in MI as long as the car manufacturers are there.
2012-02-26 16:17:11
Pten if you just want to bring it in as a track car and not use it on public roads then that's a different story. That is more doable.
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