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Thread: Madison, WI Meets

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2008-04-12 05:15:41
as long as it isnt snowing like more than an inch, ill be coming out. dont wanna be stuck in slow traffic with snow. we all know what happened with the flipped truck.
2008-04-12 14:55:07
Something came up, i will not be able to make it. I hope we can have another one soon, when the weather is better.
2008-04-12 16:15:17
guess im in the same situation as squirlz. the parents stole my car for being at their house this weekend. have no idea when im going to get it back today...
2008-04-12 17:28:07
I'll be there rockin the NX.
2008-04-13 00:21:17
hmmm, anybody goin' to milwaukee next sunday? little bit a autox action?
2008-04-13 01:37:23
If you guys set one up in May or June i'll come with my NX.

2008-04-22 05:01:21
conwrath, i think you might want to check this out:

in the second one, you look scareddd... .

2008-04-22 16:50:52
was that my first run? I was freakin' out before the start, I thought I was doin' good, but then I heard the 84 and I was like... damn. I managed to cut it back to a 76 by the end though. I think new tires might help, the all season fuzions just scream and slip on every turn. Almost caught up to that retarded bimmer with the 4 mufflers (2 of which were functioning)

anybody up for the may 11th columbus speedway event?
2008-04-22 21:07:58
i have no idea. i diddnt take the pictures personally, but there was a thread up about it on another one of the forums, and i looked to see if you were in it. what i found out about the fuzions though is that the front should be about 4psi higher than the rears. that way you get rid of the tail pulling out all the damn time.

im going to scca on may 3rd at miller park. was that a lendor helmet they gave you?
2008-04-22 22:21:58
Yeah that was a loaner. I filled up the tires the night before to about 42 psi all around and called that good. There was a WRX next to me in the grid and the guy was freaking out because I didn't have chalk on my tires, I told him it was cool and he just sat in his car and ignored me hehe. Who is the May 3rd meet with? Is that Madison SCCA, Milwaukee SCCA, or the Wisconsin Autocrossers?

By the way what forum was that from?
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