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Thread: Harry's U-Pull-It Pennsburg - Heads up

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2015-03-18 16:53:25
Harry's U-Pull-It Pennsburg - Heads up
No work this week so I hit Harry's for the hell of it. They have two B13 2-door's, both GA powered, one of which has SE-R front seats. They look okay, I've certainly seen far worse...

The other one is white with tan/brown interior. Both cars are mostly intact.
2015-03-18 19:45:02
i don't understand how cars that are in that good of shape sit in junkyards..smh
2015-03-18 22:54:20
@SE-RMonkey, any P11's in the yard?
2015-03-18 23:40:51
Same color as my pos.
2015-03-19 12:44:42
Originally Posted by jet
@SE-RMonkey, any P11's in the yard?

No sir, but according to their inventory page there are two at their Allentown yard...

Harry?s Inventory « We Got Used
2015-03-25 20:30:54
If anybody sees a P11, please let me know if you see a good right headlight. (specifically the 02 at the Allentown yard lol) In need of one, and I will be hitting up a couple yards this weekend in Maryland.
2015-03-26 15:39:51
^^ i think @daveracerhas a set
Last edited by Keo on 2015-03-26 at 15-40-52.
2015-03-26 16:19:12
Nope, sold already. Thanks tho!
2015-09-19 14:50:50
UPDATE - 9/19

1- B13 E manual, silver (I think)
1- P10 auto, maroon
1- P11 touring auto, silver
1- P11 sport auto, black
1- B15 SE auto, multi colored
1- NX1600 auto, horrid yellow

All had engines intact, most had intact interiors. Both P11's had all seats. There may have been more, this is just what I spotted and checked out. Some random B14 scattered about, but meh.
2015-09-19 15:01:30
Damn, I wish i had of seen this when you first posted, haha. I would have tried to get you to take the gas door,cable and latch off that burgundy b13 for me. Put a couple bucks in your pocket. The struggle is real with the lock on my gas door right now. I'd like to be able to just pop it open from the front seat. haha
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