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Thread: Set of working OEM fans

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2008-05-04 17:08:00
its just a test to see if the fans work.
2008-05-04 17:47:03
Removing the plug to the temp sensor did not trigger the fans to come on. You could hear the idle go up a bit when I unplugged it though.

If I route power directly to the fans, then they work.

I'm thinking relay might be bad.
2008-05-04 19:06:40
Originally Posted by bmoredjspecialk
Removing the plug to the temp sensor did not trigger the fans to come on. You could hear the idle go up a bit when I unplugged it though.

If I route power directly to the fans, then they work.

I'm thinking relay might be bad.

chris its pete. pull the relay out and jump power to the coil via a battery, then use a volt meter and see if you get a complete circuit threw the switched portion of the relay, then see if the circuit breaks when you pull the battery power off of it.
2008-05-10 19:11:30
Pete, not sure I follow about the switched portion of the relay. Where do I put the probes to check for this?

Thanks Jensen, for helping me get my fans wired up manually. Make sure you thank whoever you conference called too. I already forgot to turn them off once after parking the car. Had to jump the battery.
2008-05-12 00:23:56
you have 2 high speed fans with 2 speeds on the NX with AC. And you have 2 relays for the fans. Swap both of them out and you should be good.

But due to the other electrical problems that you're having, Im thinking that you have a major break somewhere causing electric surges and blowing stuff. I would check/test the entire engine room wiring harness (including the coil & resistor). And I would double check any electrical wiring mods done in the last 6 months anywhere in the car!! That would include any and all wiring fixes. You definitely have a major short somewhere and if its strong enough to knock out the ECU and the MAF, then it could do that again!! IMHO, I would do this FIRST!! Find that electrical demon..
2008-05-12 00:43:40
oh... I forgot.. Use this link to find your ECU by the model number on the ECU case lid.

Its just strange that after installing your ECU that the fans stopped working. I would suspect the ECU main harness. You can test the pins on the thermostat harness wires and the pins at the ECU harness for continuity using the FSM pinout guide.. (Remember, all of the grounds are in the Engine compartment). I would also test continuity with the MAF harness.. But if could be just a bad replacement ECU.

Ive done alot of testing with the NX and the grounds are absolutely terrible and each location has a different quality. But I agree with you, your description dont appear to be grounding due to items being blown out! When you did the engine swap, did you install a new harness or did you splice into your old harness?
2008-05-12 22:45:33
The only splicing I had to do was for extending wires (ie injectors, AAC)

The problems with the fans started when I installed the MAF. I wired it backwards, and I believe THAT fried the ECU. This caused the fans to run non stop and the car to run super rich. After getting a new ECU from Calum, and wiring the MAF correctly the engine runs like a champ, but now the fans never come on.

I'm doubting that the ECU is bad, but what do I know??
2008-05-12 22:52:10
I'm having a new problem now though and this started before I wired up these fans.

The car died on the way to my friends house. I cranked and cranked and it never started.

Had it towed, and when I got it home I checked the ECU codes. Don't ask me why I did this, but I decided after resetting the ECU to try to start it, and it cranked right up. In doing this I forgot what the hell the code was.

Now, if I let the car sit for a day, the car is difficult to start. I have to crank it A LOT before it will start and even then it struggles at first, but then runs strong afterwards.

I'm thinking fuel pump or leaky injector.

The car also bogs under 3k sometimes. It seems to only have this problem once the car is warmed up.

Your thoughts?
2008-05-12 23:46:48
damn you got issues lol...
2008-05-13 01:24:31
Originally Posted by jen36
damn you got issues lol...

thanks, that makes me feel so much better about my poor rusted egg.

I thought you were my friend...

Please note sarcasm
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