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Thread: GI: YCW Reference Series Coilovers

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2017-05-02 16:54:46
What makes this product different/better than fortune 500 or other brands
2017-05-02 17:27:19
I want some neoprene covers, for true. 2 sets. 8 covers total to cover 8 coilover units.
2017-05-02 20:02:42
Originally Posted by ztunedsr20
What makes this product different/better than fortune 500 or other brands

They have camber AND caster adjustment, neoprene covers for the damper rods.
2017-05-18 18:05:40
Received my MFactory coilovers and Swift springs today. These coilovers are indeed camber and caster adjustable. Will post up pics of them later today.

@MFactory How do I install the neoprene covers and I assume the collars for the covers?
2017-05-18 18:17:24
Collars? Could you show a pic of the part you are referring to please?

For the covers, as they are secured by strong velcro, all you need to do is open them up, wrap them around the damper, and velcro back together
2017-05-18 21:51:39
I figured it out. The collars are spacers for the Swift springs. If you don't put the collars/spacers on the springs will have too much lateral movement.
2017-05-19 02:28:51
I got mine also! Thanks!
2017-05-19 03:52:37

I applied anti-sieze to the threads as a precaution in the future. I preloaded my springs to 3 complete turns after initial contact and verified all have identical lengths.
2017-05-19 12:51:01
I opened the box, verified stuff, you did way more work than I did. Well done @NissanEgg and thank you for posting pictures. I am sure everyone can see now.

I have Fortune Autos for a P10 and these YCW for my B13. I will have to take extended time to sit down with both and go over both. SO far, I am pleased with these YCW.

Anyone else get their order, yet?
2017-05-19 15:27:46
What do I gotta do to order more neoprene covers?
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