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Thread: GI: YCW Reference Series Coilovers

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2016-11-20 22:23:37
Put me down for 2 sets
Hopefully more interest will be shown.
2016-11-21 02:59:12
Yay for plus 4!
2016-12-03 12:53:25
Hey guys,

as we have 4 on the list just now (shouldn't be too hard to find 1 more over the next 2-3 months), it would be good if we could start discussing what spring rates you guys want. Basically, would need to know:

1) application/usage
2) suspension modifications (i.e swaybars, as these hugely affect the balance)

2016-12-03 14:36:48
Mine is simple.

1) I like the soft springs and big bar approach that Nissan originally took. I want the softest rate springs I can.

2) Right now, I have the OEM stock front sway bar and the rear is a 19mm Addco single point rear sway bar coupled with the Active Tuning rear strut tower bar. I am very happy with the balance of the car as it is with OEM springs and the rear done like I have. Everything else is completely stock. I have some sticky Dunlop 14" tires on OEM wheels with some upgrade brake pads, rotor and fluid and the rest is from the showroom floor.
2016-12-04 20:35:53
I currently have ST 30mm front bar and Progress 19mm rear bar. I would like something that is very capable for track duty that can stand up to hopping the curbs, but still be "liveable" on the street. Also I have heim-jointed rear parallel links, not sure how that will affect rear end grip other than more response and less bind/deflection. I am very aggressive at attacking the curbing in the apexes on some tracks. Also I want a spring rate setup that favors slight oversteer, but no crazy snap lift-throttle oversteer.
My current dilemma is that I am still GA-powered and that make the front too light and affects front end grip. Even with stock front sway bar the front doesn't bite as hard because it is way lighter than a SR powertrain. My plans are VVL SR swap in near future, so I would like a very sorted SR based handling setup.

Maybe I missed it, but will these include camber AND caster adjustment for the front.
2016-12-05 08:57:24
Yes, Camber & Caster
2016-12-08 13:17:44
Would you guys be happy with our regular springs, or would you prefer to use Swift/Hyperco for a small additional charge?
2016-12-08 13:40:38
I would like street comfort. I think your stock springs would work for me.
2016-12-08 13:43:47
Are you going to be able to start production with only 4 orders or are we still waiting on a 5th?
2016-12-08 14:39:30
How much extra for Swift or Hyperco upgrade?
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