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Thread: Pre-Purchase: 32A Helical LSD

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2013-07-19 20:54:24
Pre-Purchase: 32A Helical LSD
Hey guys/gals,

I've made a new thread for this, as we now have the minimum numbers required to proceed.

The number of people allowed on the list is not set in stone (although we do require a minimum of 5 confirmed), however, please note that once this initial batch is complete, our MSRP will be more expensive, so if you know you definitely want an LSD within the next few months, you can save a few $$$'s by joining this pre-purchase

ETA: Approx. 3-4 months after we receive the oem sample
Cost: $684.95
Deposit Required: $100 non-refundable (but is transferable)

1) We receive the oem sample
2) We take our measurements
3) We receive the initial deposits (ongoing, as it is not limited to just 5)
4) We manufacture the initial prototype
5) We send the prototype to the proposed tester (you guys will need to discuss among you who you want this to be)
6) If any changes need to be made for final production, we can make those changes after the testing
7) Once the prototype (plus any changes) is approved, we will proceed with final production
8) Upon completion, remainder of balance is due before shipment

Confirmed List: (must be 100% able to pay the $100 deposit within the next couple weeks)
- Gareth (via email): PAID
- jagy x 3: PAID
- gtirwezz x 2: PAID
- niSSSdan
- naedtrax: PAID

If you have any questions, or would like to be added to the list, please let me know
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2013-07-20 17:58:14
Any chance of open diff LSD group buy?
2013-07-20 22:34:38
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
Originally Posted by jagy
Any chance of open diff LSD group buy?

I bet there is if you have enough buyers and someone sends it in for them to measure it.

i have asked on behalf of australia for you ok. plenty of open-wheeler diffs over here, and the price is dynamite.
2013-07-21 09:18:58
i have i bloke in western australia wanting to move ahead to a 32a helical unit. i will give you his email so you can contact him directly (new sr20 member, can't post yet ok)...
2013-07-25 20:12:18
Please, add me on the 32A list. Thank you
2013-07-30 21:50:39
Im very interested in a 32A helical, got P11-144 box ready for a decent diff. put me down dude.

How much would shipping be to UK please?

Edit, please make mine 2 diffs, ive got someone over here on for one too. Just need one more, come on boyos
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2013-07-31 04:43:48
Fuck it I'm in for 32A helical.
Price looking to be around the same as the 32V unit at $700?

Just one at this stage. Main hold up is shipping to Australia. Any guesstimates on shipping cost MFactory?
2013-08-01 13:16:19
Yeah, i would like to know shipping to Czech republic...

Looks like we should get 5 people very soon.
2013-08-05 13:45:04
Woohoo, just need that stock one to work off now
2013-08-09 04:51:35
Does anyone have an oem 32A diff they can send to us? This is all that we require now to get the ball rolling.
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