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Thread: Pre-Purchase: 32V SR16VE Helical LSD

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2015-03-03 07:26:09
Got mine. Thanks to @MFactory for doing this for us.
2015-03-03 07:30:26
2015-03-03 07:32:59
I got one of each...
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2015-03-03 07:33:49
Ah, ok. Thought for a moment that we packaged your LSD into a different box there! lol
2015-03-05 19:53:30
It has arrived.

Thanks a bunch!

2015-03-05 23:10:32
Glad you guys took a pic, I havent had time to open mine up to even look at it yet.
2015-03-06 01:16:02
Kleensleeper box looks beat to shit via transit. Mine got some heavy duty tri-layer cardboard to protect it on its long journey. Now to decide which car gets this lovely looking piece. Makes me want buy another one.....

Thank you @MFactory
2015-03-08 22:47:07
Has anyone attempted to install their differential yet? I got mine from the initial (apparently clearance modified?) batch sent a couple of months ago, and it does not fit the case on the right/passenger side. I'm having the same issue as highlighted in post #303. It's a regular RS5F32V that came from the factory on my 1992 SE-R.

I had everything assembled and tightened the case bolts to service manual specification (20 lb-ft) with a 3/8" torque wrench. I even left out the shim on the left/driver side in order to measure end play. The differential wouldn't turn, and I noticed it cracked the bottom of the speedometer gear bore.

I opened up the transmission again, and it left some gouges in the case. I put my spare RS5F32V on the bench for comparison, and tried to hand-spin the MFactory diff. It left marks in the same place. Comparing to stock, it doesn't look like installation error - the bearing is correct and fully seated on the MFactory diff.

If someone has their diff handy and a way to measure, could you roughly compare the space in milimeters between the lip in the belt line of the diff and where the slope of the diff starts?

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2015-03-09 04:11:08
Could you PM me with the details please
2015-03-09 16:02:19
Hey Guys,

just to say that we are not just sitting here idly, and have been trying to work out what the issue is here.

originally, the issue with the test samples were clear and we have removed enough material off the OD of the LSD housing to clear the bellhousing.

however, in light of this current issue, we had talked to some of our customers regarding the clearance issue, and it seems that it only affects some, but not all.

because of this, I can conclude that the main culprit is due to the oem casting of the bellhousing, which is not completely uniform in circumference (this is further shown by the areas of contact not being the full circumference of the LSD/bellhousing) and varies between transmissions (i.e due to the bellhousing being cast, no two bellhousings are exactly identical).

this is NOT an excuse though, and in order to make this LSD a hassle-free install for everyone (and not just those lucky enough to have a "good" bellhousing), we will be revising the LSD housings again and making them slightly smaller in OD.

basically, what I'm trying to say is, this is NOT going to affect all of you. However, for those that this does affect, there are 2 options to solve this:

1) If you are a DIY'er, it's a relatively straight forward 15min job with sandpaper to shave down the areas on the bellhousing that are in contact (it's soft aluminium, and is NOT a stress area, so removing a very slight amount with sandpaper is not going to affect the structural integrity of your bellhousing)
2) If you are not a DIY'er, then we can ship out a new top LSD casing to you, and then it's just a simple matter of unbolting the old top case, and bolting back on the replacement top case. However, as we need to modify the casings first, and then ship them out to you, this is not a 15min job like option 1, but will take at least a few days

If anyone has any questions at all, please feel free to PM me.
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