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Thread: Pre-Purchase: 32V SR16VE Helical LSD

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2014-10-16 05:57:28
Ok guys, there has been a bit of confusion regarding the LSD's that have been shipped out, and those still waiting to receive theirs, so I need to explain.

When we made the initial samples, we didn't just make 1 set, but a few of them. After testing was complete, these spare units (after modification) were the ones that were shipped out based on order of deposit received.

However, until testing was completed, there was no way for us to start work on the production batch. This has now been started though, but you are still looking nearer the end of the year before these are ready.

I understand that there has been a very long delay on getting the production units started, however, this was out of our control as most of the "delay" was with waiting on approval of the sample units.

I also understand that some of you may not be willing to continue waiting for the production units to be finished, so what I can do if you like is refund your deposits. However, in doing this, you will be removed from the pre-order list and if you do decide further down the line to purchase an LSD, it won't be from the current production batch neither as they are already spoken for. It would be from the next production batch and at full MSRP ($749.95 + shipping).

Once again, please accept our sincerest apologies for the long delay and any inconvenience caused.
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2014-10-16 18:13:49
I still want a diff but had no idea what was going on until the most recent post. Thanks for finally updating. I look forward to more contact in the future...
2014-10-16 18:50:22
I honestly still want one, but I just lost my job and that $100 could do a lot for me at the moment. As bad as this sucks I would like the refund :/ And will just have to save up for one for the future.
2014-10-17 06:55:39
No worries. Please PM me with your details and I'll get your refund processed.
2014-10-21 09:58:32
quick update. diff is going well now. had to take it out to address a minute clearance issue with it on the pinions gearstacks. what this did do was quieten the final drive noise down heaps. now i can only really hear the final drive now on deceleration. got some wet weather the other day and it performed very well, right to the point where both tyres started spinning, which was kinda a new feel for me. even then it went dead straight, not torque steering all over the place like the open wheeler i replaced it with.
2014-10-26 19:08:54
Is it too late to get in on the first batch if someone drops out?
2014-10-27 06:12:02
Originally Posted by autoxse-r
Is it too late to get in on the first batch if someone drops out?

You can still order. Please PM me for details
2014-10-30 13:24:52
further update...

3 weeks on, diff is faultless.been trying progressively harder to unsettle it without much luck, and my tyres are taking a (good) hammering from all the additional grip and stability on offer. around town the cornering is great, and roundabouts are getting a lot more fun. it feels like its loosened up a bit now ( steering feels a bit lighter or something ) to the point where it feels "standard" until you get stuck in. maybe that's just me getting used to it.

hopefully get my ve bolted in soon. the combo of this diff and the 4.78 final drive will compliment it sweetly...
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2014-10-30 13:47:20
Great work on the reviews man. thanks for keeping us posted
2014-10-30 16:00:12
Originally Posted by MFactory

You can still order. Please PM me for details

I am under the impression I am to be waiting for you to contact me to send the final payment to get a diff. sent to me. Are you waiting for me to contact you or should I remain content in my waiting?

Thank you,
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