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Thread: Pre-Purchase: 32V SR16VE Helical LSD

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2014-08-04 10:13:01
Originally Posted by sss4me

finally come today. i will hopefully have some more photo's (installed) this week. bhowle should of had his sorted by now.

Might be worth getting one on the way, ready for the installation?
2014-08-04 11:08:38
i swear the bearing is a ghost. it's available in the usa from a few ebay stores, but its like $180usd. i got mine for amayama trading for $111aud delivered. nissan australia were $114, but none here. stock ex japan, 10-14 days. i tracked a 10+ year old thread about an aftermarket one, and the number checks out (The bearing is a NSK type with a number R80-18 AGU42) but there's hardly any anywhere, the closest one to me was in eastern europe. so yes, if you have a 32v, this is one part you should have in your parts bin.
2014-08-04 14:20:39
Ran into more fitment issues. Diff is back at the machine shop and I am waiting to hear from them.
2014-08-06 16:20:23
cavern probably ran into the same issues @bhowle has. Another 1mm had to come off the diff housing to clear the case...
2014-08-06 18:44:47
Yeah, 1mm needed to be removed from the top of the bearing spigot so that it would sit in fully in the housing (again, this is an easy fix for the production items).
2014-08-14 17:32:11
@Andreas Miko here is the info on the big bearing you're looking for: http://www.sr20-forum.com/mfactory-competition-products/68865-pre-purchase-32v-sr16ve-helical-lsd-6.html#post971921
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2014-08-14 17:41:23
Just posting to post. Wish the enails would start wprking again so tou cpuld get instant updates on the going ons of things
2014-08-15 13:13:34
Originally Posted by Andreas
Just posting to post. Wish the enails would start wprking again so tou cpuld get instant updates on the going ons of things

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2014-08-22 03:26:49
anyone over there know stephen, can you get him to answer a few pm's i have sent him...URGENT!
Last edited by sss4me on 2014-08-22 at 04-04-40.
2014-08-25 12:09:47
Hey guys,

sorry for not updating this thread in a while. For some reason, I've not been receiving any notices from the forum for new posts/pm's.

we've found another small clearance issue, but again, this is a simple modification on our end for the production units.

I must apologise sincerely for the long delay on these LSD's, but we are very close now!

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