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Thread: Pre-Purchase: 32V SR16VE Helical LSD

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2014-01-09 19:45:48
I don't really want to type out an essay, so I'll just bullet point everything:

1) Quaife don't have any patents on the Helical LSD. They "did" have a patent in Europe, but it was worthless, and has long since expired. The patent they had was purely for marketing purposes to scare away other manufacturers, but seriously, how many of you have actually looked up the patent? I'm willing to bet 99% of you haven't, and just believed that Quaife had this patent for their almighty ATB when in fact, the patent wasn't worth the paper it was written on. Quaife did not invent the Helical LSD; they simply done what we done and based their LSD off the original Gleason/Torsen design. If anyone deserves credit for the Helical LSD, it is Gleason as they were the ones who invented it.

2) We work very closely with Mike @ MotoIQ, on various items, and he would more than likely be very happy to review our SR20 items as he had done with our Honda items in the past. Infact, I remember a couple of years ago speaking with him at SEMA where he was applauding us for making final drives for this market

3) The prototypes (32A and 32V) are scheduled to be finished next week. We just need to confirm who will be testing these units for fitment, and is technically the only thing left that would cause any "delay" of sorts

4) Our LSD's are stronger and lighter than any other Helical LSD on the market. This is due to them being forged, not just simply CNC machined from a block of metal (what most people call Billet). This is also the reason why our LSD's are more affordable, as a Forged part does not produce waste material, unlike "Billet" which is very cost inefficient (unless you are just producing very small quantities). Yes, there is a stigma associated with parts made in China, but where a part is made does not dictate the quality of a product; what dictates the quality is "who" is making the part. There are plenty of Made in "Insert Western Country" parts that are simply garbage. Infact, you would NOT be able to make a product to the exact same specification as our LSD in North America/Europe/Australia without it costing you over $1500 with a much higher minimum order quantity. Why? Because the tooling and equipment required to make our parts are either "unavailable" to 90% of average-sized business', or are so industry-specific that the factories won't even give you the light of day if you asked

5) Our in-house multi-million dollar factory is located in Taiwan, not Mainland China
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2014-01-09 20:31:08
Let's continue to brainstorm who would be good candidates for testing. I threw out Mike because he is capable of giving an informed opinion others will trust and might be in the position to do so in a timely manner.

There are others though. So who else?
2014-01-09 20:31:53
I don't see Quaife on this forums helping us out. We appreciate and promote our vendors
2014-01-09 20:33:00
Mike is asking Annie and/or Martin to see if they would be willing to test. This is good news for the project.
2014-01-09 21:00:28
Sorry if i ruffled any feathers

We're exhibiting at Autosport Engineering in the UK just now (promoting our European applications) and the sort of questions we get asked (and the looks from Quaife's staff members).....let's just say, it's been a long long day
2014-01-09 21:45:48
We're with you Stephen
2014-01-09 22:01:47
You didn't ruffle any feathers. You've been more than understanding and accommodating.
2014-01-09 22:40:11
Originally Posted by MFactory
Sorry if i ruffled any feathers

We're exhibiting at Autosport Engineering in the UK just now (promoting our European applications) and the sort of questions we get asked (and the looks from Quaife's staff members).....let's just say, it's been a long long day

those guys dont seem to mind that their website has wrong/misleading info on it, ( regarding the qdf6l and the non-appearance of the qdf17l ), and generally their customer service "sucks". go hard at them.
2014-01-10 00:49:04
I have tried to talk to Quaife in the past and received the "Cold Shoulder". I don't expect any less but I do know I get a response for you within a few hours to days which is awesome.

Thank you for trying to help us out, I only wish some more folks would put their money where their mouth is and put down some loot!

2014-01-10 17:15:24
Since we're getting closer to production, what will installation entail?

I understand we will reuse part of the stock VLSD. Reading up on the old Nismo aftermarket full replacement LSD, people would tend to install new side bearings, speedo gear (easy to break when attempting to reuse from the old unit), and speedo gear stopper ring. Greg Vogel sells these parts as a kit. Will this be any different?

My skill level so far is replacing fifth gear pop-out and installing new bearings in a RS532VF myself. I have a press and the typical hand tools. However, I have no experience measuring and setting differential preload with appropriate shims, and I don't know anyone local who does this. I asked a local Nissan tech, and he didn't know anyone in-house with that experience. Since part of the stock diff is reused, will this type of installation be any different (hopefully easier)?
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