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Thread: The parts you are looking for thread...

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2009-11-20 07:41:05
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
so your going by what your heard and havent called them....

I have bought from them and they had both axles to me in 2 days.

Actually, I have never needed axles yet. What i've heard is from p10 guys, so it could be different. Also, i've never heard of the driveshaft shop.
2009-11-20 14:52:39
Those axles are really pricey at least for me i dont have that money for an axle.
2009-11-22 18:04:24
I'd like to see a heavier/thicker clutch cable that doesn't stretch then pop. I've tried B13 SE-R, B13 1.6, and P10 cables all with the same result. Couple of other guys down here kep stretching cables here with their clutch setus.
2009-11-22 18:06:17
How about a clutch thats near stock pedal feel but holds 500 tq?
2009-11-23 01:30:28
Originally Posted by TheRealNighthog
why does no one else ever mention them? They have had axles for us for a while now.

I thought they stopped producing our axles about a year ago?
2009-11-23 02:27:16
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
How about a clutch thats near stock pedal feel but holds 500 tq?

I think you mean pressure plate. JWT makes a dual diaphragm pp but it's kinda pricey. Never had firdsthand experience with it though.
2009-11-23 09:00:55
Would LOVE for you guys to look at doing an oversized baffled sump for a FWD SR20... more like the tomei one rather than the trust styled ones... The one below looks great to me... but im sure you guys have more experience on what the best sumps are out there...

I know of many people with FWD DE's and VE's that would love to have one of these for their track cars/daily drivers.

In drifting, circuit running or drag racing, the higher G forces of both vertical and horizintal will cause bad oil circulation due to the oil pickup not having adequate access to oil during cornering forces. This can cause engine failure if the lack of oil is a constant problem. We have developed this oversized oil pan for the SR20 and used it on our own N2 series Silvia race car in the past. Race proven with an extra 600cc increased capacity while not affecting the distance to the ground. With the added internal swing baffle plates will help with improved oil circulation.
2 piece partition swing plate design helps with the stable oil supply.

Tomei's site advertising this sump
Oil lubrication

2009-11-23 10:29:33
LCA to change the roll centre and tie rod ends
2009-11-23 15:08:05
+1 for the oversized baffled sump
2009-11-23 19:50:25
dogbones for diy bbk's and 5 lug adapters please.
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