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Thread: 2011 SR20-FORUM / NICO Calendars - Send Me Photos NOW!!

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2010-08-31 02:23:02
2011 SR20-FORUM / NICO Calendars - Send Me Photos NOW!!
****IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT, October 4, 2010***

It is with a little sadness and regret I have to announce that due to a combination of personal scheduling issues, inadequate submissions and the general last minute timing of it all, I am canceling my attempt at a Nico/sr20-forum calendar for 2010.

To explain the "inadequate submission" thing, while I did receive a good number of submissions, there was a combination of factors that led me to believe that it wouldn't be good enough to create a demand to sell enough calendars to break even. If I wasn't having some personal things at the same time, I'd probably still try to tackle it, but that complicates everything.

I may try again next year, because this year was really last-minute as far as getting the idea to do a joint effort. I generally like to get this rolling around July.

BIG thanks to everyone who went through the trouble of sending me pictures, and even if I didn't reply to anyone individually, there were a few really stand out shots. I was cool to see some really cool builds. I envy a bunch of you!


So as you can tell by the subject line, we're doing something a little different this year. We are co-branding the calendar for sr20-forum and NICO, so we are able to offer another calendar this year.

I think this is a necessary move, and I had my doubts that I could sell over 30 this year. (The amount needed to break even)

So what does that mean to you? Less SR20 images on the main pages. There will be some S13s or S14s, maybe a Versa. I will be picking photos from a pool of hi-res images that you send me. But I promise to keep the SR20 content high, like at least 50%.

But that also means that this can happen. If I didn't open it up to another forum, I would not be attempting this for 2011.


2011 SR20-FORUM / NICO Calendars
Photo Submissions:

So I will now start taking forum calendar photo submissions. See following list requirements for all images:

Submission Requirements:
  • Optimum picture size is at least 1800 pixels wide. (Anything under 1800 pixels wide cannot be used as a main photo, but still may be chosen for a small usage) BIGGER IS BETTER!!
  • Deadline for submission, September 30, 2010
  • You must own the rights to the image (no copyrighted images)
  • Must be Nissan Powah! (Datsun OK too)
  • You must include your forum username, your real name, year model, and mods list
  • 3 photo submission max...anymore will get discarded.
  • Do not crop or photoshop the image. (I will handle color-correcting and cropping. Over-processed images usually end up being too dark and muddy.)
  • Must contain no water marks, type or other images over the picture.
  • No, we will not pay you to use your image.
All submissions should be sent via email to [email]llapradcargo@louislaprad.com[/email] either sent as attachments directly, or a link to an image hosting service (ie photobucket etc...) The subject of the email must be '2011 Forum Calendar Image Submission'

Failure to follow the above rules will automatically DQ your submission.

How can I verify my image sizes meet the requirements?
Generally with windows you can right click on the image and select properties. Then go to the Summary tab. There should be Properties labeled Width and Height that you can look at to verify the image size. For print, a Width value of 1800 is the minimum that can be used.
Click once on the file to highlight it. Click Command-I. The Get Info window open. Open the triangle next to "More Info" and you will see pixel size next to "Dimensions."


If you want to see last year's calendar go here:
Or the year before:
2010-08-31 02:23:31
(reserved for more info on timeline)
2010-08-31 02:23:46
(reserved for more info on ???)
2010-09-01 19:53:22
Can I please has April?
2010-09-01 20:37:29
Sorry, Joe, I first have to get all entries in and see who gets in. History says whoever has hi-res images gets in, go figure.

But I can't promise to reserve a month for anyone. Thanks for understanding!
2010-09-01 20:41:54
I have pictures that are 1704 pixels wide, can I submit them? I read that 1800 was desired but you will take smaller ones for other reasons, correct? I just did not want to waste your time by sending pictures you cannot use.
2010-09-01 20:51:01
llaprad i will have some really nice pics come oct . professional pics from a mag shoot.

i will deff either link you or post them up !

2010-09-01 21:16:05
Originally Posted by Viprdude
I have pictures that are 1704 pixels wide, can I submit them? I read that 1800 was desired but you will take smaller ones for other reasons, correct? I just did not want to waste your time by sending pictures you cannot use.

If its that close, its high res enough.

I get tons of 800x600 and thats not good enough.
2010-09-01 21:40:21
Email sent with three pictures. A skyline, my 200sx se-r and two B13's.
2010-09-02 16:19:36
A whole SCHWACK of nx photos from me.
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