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Thread: How To: VW Golf Projector Headlights

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2010-02-03 19:49:52
Originally Posted by Nathan_Barstow
RB240, did you try cleaning/messing with the light switch at all yet?

I found another switch that I had bought before my car went down for the count. Installed it and my high beams work good now.
2010-03-24 14:41:59
I'm putting these headlights in my car today! I'll take pictures of the process and post 'em up eventually if not in here in my build thread. I also jumped in on LiuSpeeds HID GroupBuy. Can't wait to get it all installed!
2010-03-25 06:36:07
sinister, i will be attempting this soon.

im sick of the horrendious stock head lamps !!

when i do id like to wire up the stock signals to go on when the headlights go on, throwing out constant light, and rely on the vw blinker.

thanks for the write up.

2010-03-25 20:49:38
Got everything all done. Figured I'd show some of my pictures as well. I took the time to highlight the main areas that need cut. By cutting away these areas, the headlamps should begin to fit pretty well and you should be nearing completion.

I know this is the drivers side and the rest of the pics are on the passenger side, but you get the idea. Wherever you see the red lines should be where you cut. I also didn't show it, buy you need to cut all of the mounting points off of the headlights EXCEPT for the one pictured on the upper radiator support.

To start, I used a hacksaw (yes the metal is that thin) to cut out this piece of metal to make room for the headlamp.

Next you'll want to cut around these areas as well. (See next picture for what an "after" shot would be)

We used an angle grinder for the entire process except for the first step

If you can get your headlight to sit in about the same place and have this mounting point in the same general area, the aiming should be almost dead on. I barely had to adjust mine at all after it was all done!

Bolt them in (I bolted only that 1 mount on the top, they fit so snug the rest really isn't needed. And voila!
2010-03-26 00:55:13
hey nice turn signals....nice work..ill have to di it again and swap them from my black to blue nx now...ugh
2010-03-26 01:07:53
nice job nathan.

2010-07-22 00:13:46
I just got mine in today and Im kind of wondering what type of bulbs I can put in it. I have a 9004 HID kit, but I dont see those fitting there any time soon.

What size bulbs are needed for these for the high and low...

also, did anybody elses headlights havde a big "NO HID" sticker on it? Im think ing I got a really shitty set, but all of the eBay ones look the same as far as quality goes...
2010-07-22 01:09:29
Mine say the same thing. Once i have some spare money i am gonna try and run hids in the projector low beam side at least.

i dont know what bulbs off hand the projectors use, i am still running the ones that came with them.. i would say take one out, then head down to an auto parts store and compare them to the bulbs that they stock and figre it out from there. I can figure it out when i head to advance auto if you havent already.
2010-07-22 02:28:06
yeah mine look really weird: small, narrow and kinda weak....

I emailed the seller to see if its just one of those BS clauses like they do for everything and say "for off-road/race use only" know what I mean....

I just want to make sure an HID isnt gonna melt and ruin the housing

It looks like now Im stuck with 2 9004 35W 4300k HID bulbs.

Maybe I can order a set of the right ones once I figure out what size they are, but man, theyre tiny compared to a traditional light bulb......
2010-07-22 05:37:54
The eBay ones I bought came with H1 Bulbs on botht the High and Low beam:

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