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Thread: Camber vs Steering Angle Worksheet

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2017-08-08 15:31:00
Camber vs Steering Angle Worksheet
I built a spreadsheet that lets you graph out Camber vs Steering Angle. This lets you see visually see how you gain or loose camber as you turn the steering wheel.

Can download it here: [ATTACH]918[/ATTACH]


The Graph tab lets you compare three setups and will graph them in real time, the Calc tab will show you the actual numbers used by the graph.


Couple take aways from seeing things graphed:
- Caster has twice the influence of SAI (1* of Caster will negate 2* of SAI).
- Little bit of static camber goes a long way: -0.25* more of static camber, can negate 6* of SAI at 5* of caster
- SAI is not as bad as people make it out to be, high SAI really only negatively starts effecting you at high steering angles (25*+)
- With the last two items in mind, if look at the first graph screenshot, you will see that it's well worth it to gain 10* of positive SAI, for even -1* of extra camber.
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2017-08-08 18:24:40
Which suspension is this designed for? Multilink or strut?
2017-08-08 18:29:59
It actually doesn't matter, it will work on any car that uses caster, camber and steering axis inclination to make turns.
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